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Open the Cervix, Open the Heart

In Taoist sexual reflexology, the cervix is the heart point in women. 

This physical centre is the emotional heart, the place of opening and deep surrender.

And fulfillment.

I went to a brutally wonderful, ass-kicking yoga class two days ago. It was so intense that I am aching today and walking is challenging.

(These rather famous LA yoga instructors live up to their reputations).

I sat down to write and was so distracted by the pain, that I had to get up and have an orgasm.

I knew that would fix it.

Juicy orgasms fix almost everything. Well, I’d argue the juicy orgasms do fix everything.

Basic orgasms fix some things.

I started with a clitoral orgasm to kick things off. With the lubrication and ejaculate from that orgasm, I moved onto penetration.

I gave myself a couple of G-Spot orgasms. I needed that intense, throw-me-across-the-bed endurance feeling to move me beyond the pain of my throbbing glutes (uh, from the yoga).

Once I ejaculated from the G-Spot stimulation (G-Spot ejaculation can be separate from G-Spot orgasm), I knew I was relaxed and open enough to go further.

I moved onto my cervix.

I wrote in a past Playboy article on the difference between these areas in the vaginas and the orgasms they are capable of producing.

The vagina is like this Pandora’s box of emotion, sensation and memory. By opening it and stimulating it, we’re able to dredge up old tension and stress and release it. We can tune into different emotional states by receiving touch.

The vagina is the ultimate alchemical crucible.

Use it to change your life—and lives, if you are in a partnership.

Think of the vagina like a map; you have all these micro-territories to explore. They all have riches to offer you.

The cervix is the final, vaginal frontier.

To access its bounty requires a powerful letting go and a willingness to open the heart.

Sometimes, by opening the physical cervix, you can open the emotional heart.

I aim to do both simultaneously: relax into the intensity of cervical penetration and let down any emotional barriers at the same time.

Then I’m granted entry to the next level—a delicious, psycho-spiritual release and feeling of connectedness.

The cervix is spiritual gateway. It is connected to an energy meridian that leads all the way to the crown chakra at the top of the head.

Get your cervico-spiritual enlightenment, folks!

That’s how I started my morning.

I feel open-hearted, juicy, sensual and serene.

And my leg pain has all but disappeared.


Want more sexual maps? Want access to the deeper secrets of the Pandora’s box of the vagina? Stay tuned for my next e-course coming up in February.


Hint: don’t bother buying chocolate for a certain special day. I have something much, much better in store for you.


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13 thoughts on “Open the Cervix, Open the Heart

  1. Beautiful piece. You are a talented writer and everything you post inspires me. I think I have read most your articles, and they have definitely changed my life. I found your work when I was 22. May I ask how one has a cervical orgasm.

    All the best,

  2. Hey Kim. 28/m here.

    I was wondering if there are any particular positions that are best for giving a lady an earth-shattering cervical orgasm. I have enough size to hit the cervix in all (certainly in at least most) positions but I wanted to know if certain positions worked better than others. I’ve given these kinds of orgasms to women dozens of times but I’ve never really done it consciously except for with a handful of them. I feel like it would be a great skill to add to the toolbox (pun?).

    Let me know thanks!

  3. What about those of us who have trouble with orgasms in general?
    How exactly did you stimulate the cervix to orgasm?
    Great article, thank you!

  4. I’ve become interested in cervical orgasms ever since reading about how they can be next level…I used to depend heavily on clitoral stimulation but have noticed that as I get a little older I am very much about putting pressure at the deepest point I can get to and the orgasm feels like it’s happening in my upper stomach and is more intense than ones I’ve had with partners. Is this the cervix? How do you know?

    It seems also that there are different levels of cervix orgasm. I found a blog recently (jills-thrills.blogspot.com) but a ballerina/bondage girl who runs workshops training women to work through the pain of heavy cervix penetration to get to the other side where it is pleasurable but she says that many women can’t hack it! I am curious about this kind of overwhelming orgasm she describes…and if the painful process is the only way to discover it.

    1. You can feel the cervix with your fingers to get a sense of where it is.

      Yes, it’s often very intense. “Hacking it” (just like computer/code hacking!!) takes patience and commitment. And a willingness to go through whatever comes up in the process. But the rewards are thousand-fold.

      There are different levels of all orgasms, to that point that labelling them eventually becomes obsolete. The labels are helpful at first, to distinguish different areas of the anatomy and also different emotional + psychological + spiritual states. Once you’ve hit all the notes separately, you can blend them together and trade off. Like a symphony. 🙂


  5. Wow. I have never put any thought into sex in this way. The way you talk about using an orgasm to start your day is beautiful. I want this! I want to feel comfortable with my sexuality. I want to be open to the amazing feeling of an orgasm. I’m so reserved and tense during sex!

    “Sometimes, by opening the physical cervix, you can open the emotional heart.
    I aim to do both simultaneously: relax into the intensity of cervical penetration and let down any emotional barriers at the same time.”

    This really hit home with me. Any time I’m in a position that hits deep within my cervix, I tense up and try to switch positions. I never thought that it was because this is an emotional position. And it makes sense. In yoga, pigeon pose is a very emotional pose, which I’ve experienced first hand. So, with this new knowledge about the cervix, I just need to relax into the intensity. I love it!

    Thank you so much, Kim, for this beautiful article and wonderful site.
    Much love,

    1. Hi Jessica,

      I love the yoga metaphor; it’s perfect. That sense of when you open up into a tight yoga pose is exactly what we’re going for here:

      “The only way out is through.” ~ Robert Frost

      Thank you for the kind words!


  6. I’ve learnt that I can experience mini orgasms along the way to these three…but more powerfully to me is that the fuc*ing amazing ones are more healing than any therapy I would pay for.

    Thank you Kim…