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2021 Gift Guide: Couples Sex Date

Orgasmic and luxurious gifts that keep on giving.

Part 1: For the Solo Sex Date click here .

Give the gift of The Holy Fuck.
Here is your erotic toolkit to ensure that you and your lover remain well-f**ked and multi-orgasmic, for life.

Azulik Resort in Tulum

Barefoot luxury for epic sex dates.  



Anami Aphrodisia Sensual Massage Oil

Open each other’s hearts and legs.




Mark Brazier Jones Luxury Sex Furniture

The royal f**k.

Bend her over and take flight.
Wildly erotic.

Bodacious Crystal Elixir Trinity

Rekindle the flames and step into your primal sexual energy. 

Massage Table

Work out your kinks.
$660 – $9895




Erotic Objet d’Art

Under Bust ‘Vintage’ Corset


Open Eye Mask


Vanity Panel


Aphrodisiac Chocolate

Organic sex date fuel. 


Selenite Lamp

Crystal feng shui to elevate your space.

Option 1   $57-$140

XL Option 2 $2000


Alpha Channeling Expanding Universe Puzzle

An acceptable “let’s take a breather” activity during a sex date.


Kimono Silk Robe

A preview.


Sex Date Calendar

Plan your pleasure.


528 hz Crystal Singing Bowl

Harmonize your hearts.




HisHers Cross Bows

Survival of the sexiest.
$400 – $800


Home Speaker

Sex date playlists.


Natural Organic Linen Sheets

Linen is renowned as a positive energetic conduit.
$157 – $240



Shiva Wand

Get unstuck. On all levels.



Saved for posterity.

Pleasure Puff Cuff

From Betony Vernon’s erotic jewelry collection to tickle your every fantasy.






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