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2023 Gift Guide: Home Sex Sanctuary

I come bearing gifts. Our annual erotic gift guides.

Part 1: Well-F**ked Travels
Part 2: At Home Sex Sanctuary

Turning your home into a sex sanctuary.


Sequin Violet Embroidery Balconette Bra by Fleur De Mal

Welcome home honey!

Balconette Bra $185 USD

Garter $118 USD

Thong $88 USD


Marguerite Ornate Gold Floor Mirror

Watch her purrrr.

$1549 USD



Outdoor Hand Made Stone Bath Tub

Get wet in this beauty.

Anami Alchemia Holy Trinity

“This set is an absolute work of art. My wife loves them and they are worth every penny.

The genius of it all is that they are designed to work as a progressive set. These are definitely top tier.”
~ Anami Well-F**ked Couple

$897 USD



Stream Chain Chandelier

Something pretty to look at while you’re on your back.

$1560 USD


Authentic Wool Moroccan Rug

For the anytime, anywhere lovers, the floor is always an option.

$6700 USD


Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowl Set by Crystal Tones

Aphrodisiac vibrations.

From $9000-20,000 USD

Image credit: HolisticSerenityOfficial


Crystal Infused Beeswax Candles by Bee Lucia

Pure beeswax, organic coconut oil, crystals and essential oils. All the yeses.

$19 USD

Salacious For Her by Anami Alchemia

Aphrodisiac cocktail to keep her juicy.

Shatavari, Saffron, Black Cohosh. All ingredients are certified organic or wildcrafted.

$199 USD


“Miniature Woods” Gold Candle Stick Holders

Sybarite mood lighting.


Sensually Curved MATER Chair by Houtique

The ultimate cervical orgasm chair. Iykyk.

Image credit: Patricia Bustos


Sunlighten Infared Low EMF Sauna

There are multiple ways to achieve being dripped in sweat. This is my second favorite way.


Gold and Crystal Hourglass

For when you’re taking turns.

$180 USD


6 Ft Amethyst Cathedral

Long, hard and a beauty to look at.

$11,900 USD


The Yoni Portal Mirror by Anami Alchemia

NEW! From our own Anami Alchemia.

For her to gaze upon the center of the entire-f**king-universe.

Exquisitely hand-blown in the Murano glass tradition, by a family of artisans in Venice, Italy.

The Yoni Portal Mirror comes with an audio visualization that guides her through an intimate journey

to transform blocks, fears, and limiting beliefs until her yoni is gushing with love and its orgasmic potential.

$199 USD

Erotic Sex Swing

In-home acrobatics.

$560 USD




Non-Blue Light Plug In Red Night Light

The only light needed while staying up all night.

$35 USD


Gold & Crystal Accessories Tray

For all your bedside, erotic accoutrement.

$395 USD

Erotic Bedroom Art by Alphachanneling


$150 USD


Couples Tandem Shower Head

To make your in-shower adventures even steamier.


Certified Organic Mattress by Essentia

“Non-toxic, ethically-sourced with DYNAMIC COOLING Activated Quartz Foam, and EMF Protection made with Organic Hevea Milk, GOLS Certified Organic Latex, Organic Essential Oils, Natural Plant Extracts, GOTS Certified Organic Cotton.”

What a mouthful! But a good one.

$2500 – $8000 USD


Certified Organic Pillow by Essentia

Sweet dreams.

$165 USD


EMF Protection Bed Canopy

Create an EMF free sanctuary in your bedroom.

$1545 – $1895 USD


Gold and Chyrsoprase Beaded Stretch Bracelet

Pairs with our Resurrect Crystal Elixir trio for men, which features Chyrsoprase, for its “take action and embody your masculine” qualities.

Bracelet $1600 USD

Resurrect Crystal Elixir $199 USD



Aromatherapy Glass Essential Oil Diffuser

Heavenly scents in one of the prettiest diffusers we’ve seen.

$69 USD


Gaia White and Pink Onyx Table by Marbera Studio

Gorgeous stone side table, worthy enough to display your most prized erotic accessories.



Plush Organic Sheepskin

Meditate, masturbate, create feng shui.

$200+ USD


Silk Jacquard PJ Set by Fleur de Mal

How smooth is he? Touch to find out.

Top $345 USD

Pants $345 USD


Organic Grounding Blanket by Terra Therapy

Tap into earth’s energy while revving up your own energy.

$250 USD


Organic Micro Knit Bed Sheets

Good sheets are the best investment.

$549 USD


Let Him Be Dominant

Bondage cross for your polarity play.



Rainbow Sapphire Bracelet by Jacquie Aiche

Pure, sparkly crystal beauty.

$6500 USD



Water Structuring Bundle by Mayu

High-grade hydration for your marathon sessions.

$178 USD


Nude by Ralph Gibson

Coffee table inspo when you want to send nudes.

$1250 USD


~Kim xx







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