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2022 Gift Guide: For Him

I come bearing gifts. Our annual erotic gift guides.

Part 1: For Her
Part 2: For Him

More than ever, we want and love our manly men.

Amplify his alpha stamina and strength with these gifts for a king.

Hard Roots Potency Tincture

A secret weapon, in and out of the bedroom. This Anami organic herbal tincture is a potent blend of invigorating herbs for men to boost libido, testosterone levels, sperm production, sexual stamina and ease and strength of  erections.
He’ll be standing firm in more ways than one, occupying his masculine energy, wildness and power.
Anami Alchemia.

$199 USD


“What It’s Like to See Inside a Woman’s Vagina When She Orgasms”
Sex Week Adventure

Sleep under the starry night/aka vaginal sky in Finnish glass-domed igloos.
Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort.



DIY Testosterone Kit

Outfit your home gym with a stackable dumbbell set and build your T-levels for realz!
Bowflex 10-90lb.

$699 USD

Unaltered Sperm, aka The New Bitcoin

Protection for your golden jewels.
It ain’t junk to us. It’s said that “unaltered” sperm is the new Bitcoin. Keep his—and your—assets safe, with this sliver-woven anti-EMF underwear.

$59 USD


A Cock that Lights Up the World

Resurrect for Him Anami Crystal Elixir
Kim’s cock medicine.
This elixir, handcrafted by Kim, aka The Cock Whisperer, strengthens masculine energy to create, lead and execute.
Erections and direction are made more potent. Antidote for “analysis paralysis”, uniting the heart, mind and spirit into a powerful compass, accompanied by solid action.
Also helps in healing circumcision trauma and owning / inhabiting what you’ve got.
Anami Alchemia.

$199 USD


Noble Gold Razor

Gold—the noblest of metals, for the noblest of men.
Elevate his grooming routine with this 24-karat gold-plated razor and stand.
Bolin Webb.

$425 USD


Stamina Boosting Ice Bath 

Wim Hof can get an erection in an ice bath. Can you?
Morozko Filtered Forge.

From $9000-20,000 USD


Aphrodisia Sensual Massage Oil

Our couples massage oil doubles as a long-lasting lingam massage oil.
For his self-pleasure sessions, or to give him a luxurious, dedicated lingam massage.
Anami Alchemia.

$69 USD


“On Your Knees!” Sheepskin Rug 

Give his—and your—knees a soft landing, so you can sock in for the long haul.

$340 USD


Leather “Whose Yo Daddy Now??” Dom Pants

When it’s his time to dominate, give him these sexy beasts and so he can show you who is boss.
Saint Laurent skinny fit stretch leather pants.

$3290 USD


Crystal Whipped

How bad has she been? She deserves to be shown.
Agent Provocateur.

$395 USD


Sacred Samurai Anami Crystal Elixir

Ruby, the spiritual warrior: focused and fierce.
The perfect companion to invoke your latent courage and spiritual leadership skills to herald the crumbling of the old guard, and to usher in a new era of integrity, truth and freedom. Sacred Samurai elicits your noblest and deepest powers, enabling you to claim the warrior king within.

Anami Alchemia.



G-Spot Orgasms: For Him

Yes, he has one too.
Gentle expansion to bring on his and her anal orgasms.
Available in Initiate and Intermediate by Anami Alchemia.

$199 USD


“Freeze Your Balls On” Wim Hof Expedition

Put your mettle to the metal, conquer your fears and limitations, and emerge reborn.


Raw Power Steel Mace 

Unleash that inner warrior.

$30 – $125 USD

Steel Mace Workout Programs

In-between sex date preparation.

$49 – $109 USD

Self-Expression Crystal Necklace

The throat chakra is the seat of communication.
Choose from these crystals to amplify your voice and truth.
Crystal and gold necklaces by Rock + Raw.

$674 USD

Amethyst: to enhance your spiritual intuition and connection to your higher self.


Mint Amethyst


Turquoise: to amplify your voice and speak your truth


Marriage-Saving, Wood-Fired Hot Tub

Chop wood, make orgasms. Explore each others waters in this water meets fire sanctuary.
A couple once said to me, “Our hot tub saved our marriage.” After I encouraged them to go deep and radically honest, they bought a hot tub, and put it in their backyard under the stars. They spent many an evening out there, heart-to-heart, which quickly became genital-to-genital.
A great place for connecting dates!

$6295 USD


Meditate, Masturbate, Create Copper Pyramid

Do it like the Tartarians did. Perfect setting for your MMC practice.
Inner Fire Pyramids.

$155+ USD

Monogrammed King’s Robe

In-between sex session attire.
Personal monogram options available. You can have some real fun with these. I did.

$750 – $900

Creative Sex Position Pillow

To attain uncompromising positions.
Organic linen wedge by Avocado. 

$179 USD


“Send nudes!” Encrypter

Keep your privates private while preserving mobile phone functionality with this renegade tech company.
Above Phone.

$750+ USD









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