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Why Use a Jade Egg?

Jade yoni eggs are everywhere now.

They ought to be in your vagina!

Or the vagina of someone you love. ??You’ve come a long way, eggy. 

Nearly three years ago, I released my first very-viral video on the power of vaginal weight lifting with jade eggs.

People the world over learned how a woman can open a pickle jar, save a man’s life and, well, “punish” her man if he’s been naughty.

With her vagina.

At that time, there were two jade egg vendors on the internet.

Now there must be 50? 75? 100?

The jade egg was even a surprise guest on Conan O’Brien a few months ago.

Yes, eggy, you’ve come a long way.

Although I’m glad to see the proliferation of jade eggs everywhere (maybe they’ll be sold in 7-11 stores soon), I am disappointed with the misinformation that gets perpetuated with them.

For example, the idea that a woman can just “wear” her egg in her vagina all day, and reap some benefit from that, is false.

I suppose it’s an easy instruction to give, if you are selling jade eggs, and know nothing about how to use them.

Look, if you don’t have to exert any effort to hold the egg in, it’s not doing anything to build strength.

You might as well tape it to your arm.

And overall, the concept of Vaginal Kung Fu—at least the way I teach it—is a vaginal, spiritual and emotional overhaul on all things sex and vagina, goes far beyond a bunch of flexing exercises.

Just like any other approach to wellness, to have lasting results, you have to tackle it from all angles.

It’s like the difference between going on a crash diet for two weeks to lose weight, vs. a healthy lifestyle—diet, exercise and do you eat your emotions?—change.

This comprehensive approach is why I get phenomenal—miraculous even—results.

You need to go deep, deep inside to really feel the difference.

Vaginally and emotionally.

I’ve had post-menopausal women regain their natural lubrication in weeks.

I’ve had women have their first G-Spot, cervical and squirting orgasms within weeks.

And I’ve had other women attract in bucketloads of cash.

Because now their vagina and life force are turned on.

Bottom line? Vagina line?

The more you put into it, (um, your vagina), the more you’ll get out.


In this week’s video, I share with you:

• Why exactly jade eggs are the absolute best tool for vaginal fitness
• How jade, specifically, heals the vagina and reproductive organs
• How the jade egg helps you to manifest your dreams and visions in life
• Why the jade egg is a fantastic tool for healing sexual trauma

Check out this week’s video on all the benefits of the jade egg here:

P.S. The Vaginal Kung Fu Salon will run again at the end of January. If you haven’t yet, check out the free video series with some vaginal homeplay you can start tonight.

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2 thoughts on “Why Use a Jade Egg?

  1. Can yoni eggs be used if you have an IUD? Or is there a risk of accidentally expelling the IUD when you take the egg out?