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So You Think You Can Squirt?

If you think you can, you can. If you think you can’t, you can’t.

This is a slippery, hotly debated topic in the sexual sphere.

Is female ejaculation real?

This falls into the same line of questioning as:

– Are vaginal orgasms real?
– Does the G-Spot exist?
– Can every woman shoot ping-pong balls from her vagina?

Such easy answers.


Every year or so, some new study comes out to explain to us all how “Hey, don’t worry or get your hopes up, those awesome, life-changing, insanely pleasurable things you’ve heard about just aren’t real. Because we can’t always replicate them in a lab.”

All these studies actually prove is the sexual inadequacies of the people conducting them.

Truly, these people are in the running for FUKME and MUKME of the year.

Who goes around trying to prove that women don’t have orgasms?

Who does that?

No one I’d want in my bed.

There are many reasons why not all women experience these things. Here are the main ones:

1) They believe they can’t. And some sexually inadequate “scientist” backs them up.

Some people think it’s kind to pat women on the head and say “There, there, you’re just one of those women who can’t do this. Not everyone can. Don’t feel bad or pressured about it.”

This is patronizing.

The only pressure you ought to be focusing on is the pressure you put on your G-Spot.

Because the point is, ALL women can.

They just need the right tools.

I have had women experience ejaculation and deep, cataclysmic cervical orgasms only because I told them it was possible.

And they believed me.

So they ejaculated all over the place.

2) Weak vagina.

Yep, this is a global source of un-wellness and malaise.

The weak vagina.

There is an idea even in “science” that all women ejaculate, but that having atrophied pelvic muscles causes a condition that also sometimes happens in men, called “retrograde ejaculation.”

The ejaculatory fluid is expelled, but because the internal muscles are too weak to actually press it out, it goes back inside.

Because most women are vaginally numb, it’s difficult to even feel into what’s happening.

You know what you have to do.

3) Feeling held back.

If you aren’t feeling completely open in yourself and with your partner, you will instinctively contract your pelvic floor.

In order to experience these deeper wilder orgasms, and ejaculation, you need to be able to let go.

A lot.

It has to be this constant mantra and practice during sex and stimulation, that you open, let go, open, let go.

The opening is twofold.

You need to be emotionally open and physically open.

If you are holding on to past hurts or haven’t spoken your peace about something in your intimate relationship, your vagina will contract.

If you feel shy and inhibited sexually, you’ll contract.

If you are afraid of truly letting your partner see you come undone, you’ll contract.

If you are worried about urinating on the bed, you’ll contract.

If you are nervous and tense and have any shred of resistance, you’ll contract.

The name of the game is deep, deep opening.

And this is the factor that does not show up in a science lab.

It’s the most intangible, but most important piece of the equation.

Letting yourself be fucked open.

Letting someone truly see you, broken open.

Emotionally and physically.

And then you flow.

Your words flow. Your communication flows. Your tears may flow. Your cash flow begins to flow. Your life flows.

And yes. Your ejaculatory fluid flows and flows.



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