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Radical Unschooling

Raising rebels and free-thinkers.

The modern school system was designed to create worker bees. 

It was first set up to house the children of factory workers, and to churn out future generations of obedient, non-thinking slaves. 

Seriously. I’m not being hyperbolic. 

The school system we have these days is not different. 

It doesn’t take twelve years to learn the content people absorb in these classrooms. That can be learned in days. 

But it does take twelve years to properly subjugate and brainwash humans at very impressionable ages, and make them compliant and order-following for life. 

In these times, when the act of thinking for oneself is revolutionary, we have the opportunity to analyze whether the educational choices we have previously made for our children are truly serving them. 

Or serving a larger agenda. 

The kind of mind-numbing repetition that qualifies as “education” in the regular public school system, is nothing of the sort. It’s tepid, boring and insufferable enough to turn anyone OFF of education and learning for life. 

And it typically does. 

Remember: the system was NOT designed to build creative, free-thinking human beings. 

It was designed to do the opposite. 

My vote is for unschooling, and REAL education. 

What does unschooling look like? 

  • Acquiring reading skills overnight 
  • Learning seven years of typical school math in 20 hours 
  • Cultivating creativity and finding one’s authentic voice 
  • A child easily finding their true path and vocations in life 
  • Independent, self-possessed children 
  • Kids not needing to go through the typical “teenage rebellion” that is more a product of being forced to go to jail every day, where they need to ask permission to go to the bathroom 

Unschooling looks like finding and nurturing the natural gifts and talents your child has, and helping them to excel.

In today’s episode, I interview Dayna Martin, who is the author of Radical Unschooling and Raising Rebels. She is an author, speaker and advocate on the topic of unschooling. 

We discuss all of this, and also extend the conversation into how having a natural, sovereign birth also sets both parents and children up to better follow their own truth in life and education, rather than a path that is spoon-fed to them. 

This is an extremely empowering and liberating episode. If you have any questions or doubts about sending your child to public schools, especially with what it happening right now in these environments, this episode is for you. 

I’ve recorded this as a video interview you can watch here: 

Or you can listen to the audio podcast version here: 

Download on other players:

This is my 8-week online salon on all things holistic pregnancy and ecstatic childbirth.

This is the real education we all ought to have received, and a complete overhaul to everything you thought you knew about what pregnancy, birth and beyond were supposed to look like. 

We cover the full spectrum of pre-conception, conception, pregnancy, birth and the early parenting years. In this salon, we’ll also take a deeper dive into alternative forms of education, from homeschooling to unschooling and beyond. 

The course begins in a few weeks. In the meantime, you can check out the free preview video series here.


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