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7 25

How to Have Vaginal Orgasms: G-Spot, Cervical and More…

EVERY woman is capable of deeper vaginal orgasms.

By that, I mean the G-Spot, AFE zone, and cervical orgasms.

These deeper, vaginal orgasms are like the Loch Ness Monsters of sexuality.

Hardly anyone knows what these are, let alone how to get there. 

The true pleasure and power of a woman’s sexuality, and the kinds of orgasms which change her life, are located inside the vagina.

I guarantee you that. And I guarantee you can get there.

In this episode, we explore the top reasons why women don’t get there and how you can. We’ll also speak with this week’s Well-F**ked All Star: Amanda. 

Amanda went from being a woman who had no orgasms.

Ever. Not one in her entire life. 

I don’t mean only vaginal, I mean not even clitoral. 

She now has all the things: 

Clitoral, G-Spot, cervical, squirting, energy orgasms, ear-gasms, ass-gasms. 

Now, the biggest argument between she and her husband is whose going to do the laundry after she soaks all those sheets and towels with her ejaculate. 

Night after night. 

Because that’s a lot of laundry. 

Listen below or download and listen on the go:

Vaginal Orgasms Show Notes

  • How many orgasms are there? 
  • The clitoris is just the tip of the iceberg.
  • What is the difference between clitoral and vaginal orgasms and why vaginal orgasms are far superior. The true pleasure and power of a woman’s sexuality, and the kinds of orgasms which change her life, are located inside the vagina.
  • All of Kim’s best, most cataclysmic, sexual experiences have been in the vagina. These are the orgasms that change your life.
  • Most women buy into the mistaken notion that: they are “just one of those women who can’t.” The only people who say these kinds of things are those who have never been there and have no idea how to get there. Including and especially so-called sex experts, therapists and “scientists.” 
  • Being able to let go, open up and surrender is the key factor to having vaginal orgasms.
    Having a numb vagina is also a factor. A jade yoni egg, vaginal weight lifting practice will help you to awaken the vagina and open up its orgasmic potential.
    Amanda is a graduate of Kim’s Well-F**ked Woman Salon.
    Amanda went from having no orgasms at all—not ever—to then having them all: clitoral, G-Spot, cervical, squirting, energy orgasms, ear-gasms, ass-gasms. And lots of them.
    In her quest for orgasmic mastery, Amanda would have sex with her partner and self-pleasure anywhere, anytime. This, despite working 50-60 hours a week and having a young child to care for. She committed and was determined to get through to the other side. And so she did.
    Amanda talks about having over 30 G-Spot and squirting orgasms in a row—she stopped counting. The only reason she stopped is that she had to get to work.
    Sometimes she and her husband argue—about who is going to do the laundry after their marathon sex and squirting sessions. 

The Well-F**ked Woman Salon begins next week!! 

In this 8-week how-to-live-love-and-orgasm-in-a-female-body education you never received, you’ll learn how to:
– Achieve the deeper, life-changing, vaginal orgasms
– Channel your creative, orgasmic, sexual energy into your life and work, accessing your genius
– Master the technical skills of deep throating, anal sex and wild hand jobs and how to use these sex acts to accelerate your personal growth and transformation
– Live and love in your feminine energy, accessing an even deeper and more magnetic power than you ever thought possible
– And much more!

The Well-F**ked Woman Webinar

In this webinar we’ll cover all things WFW:

– Self-love and confidence that will get you everywhere and how to create it from your sexual energy
– Better orgasms for you and him
– Salon preview

If you can’t make it, leave your questions in the QA field and I’ll answer them on the webinar.

To view the replay, use the same link below.

Date + time: Tuesday July 30th, 5pm PST
Attend online:
Phone in:(425) 440-5010, and using the following conference pin: 134932#
List of local numbers click here. 

~K xx

Image: My 48-year-old well-f**ked body.
Shot by Robert Voltaire


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