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How to Have Vaginal Orgasms

The serious business of transformation, ecstasy, life-changing—all that stuff is in the vagina. 

I get people coming to me all up in arms about how I dare to suggest that women can have vaginal orgasms and that they are far superior to clitoral orgasms.

Oh, I dare.

You would too—if you had them, and knew exactly what you were missing when you dwell in the paltry land of the clitoris.

Put Baby in the corner, and focus instead on the mighty vagina.

The thing that will lead you into majesty.

In the ancient Taoist reflexology and mapping out of the vagina and vulva, the clitoris is an appetizer. It can be great foreplay and act as a warmup

It’s not the main event.

Here’s how you get there:

1) Love and Listen to Your Vagina

Stop putting shit in there that doesn’t belong:

Toxic people, objects, chemicals.

When your vagina is wet, it’s telling you something:

“Fuck me.

Put lovely things—and people—inside of me.”

When your vagina is dry, it’s also telling you something:

“Don’t fuck me.


Hold up, babe. I’m not really feeling this. Please don’t force me to do something I don’t want to do.

Arouse me.

And then fuck the shit out of me.”

Slathering on lubricant and force-fucking your vagina isn’t going to give it orgasms.

It’s going to give it trauma.

It’s going to make it go numb, dissociate and shut down.

Generate your wetness from within.

Then you’ll be loving your vagina.

And it will love you back.

With deep, vaginal orgasms.

2) Self-Healing Yoni Massage

One of the best ways to heal a numb vagina, and coax it back into a state of welcoming, is through yoni massage.

Your vagina is a thousand points of light.

It houses a whole reflexology map connected to different emotions and organ systems.

For example, the cervix is the reflexology point for the heart.

Stimulating and generating orgasms from it cracks a woman open.

It shatters her barriers and opens her to deep love.

The cervix is connected to the vagus nerve—known as the “spiritual nerve” of the body—it runs straight up to the crown chakra.

That’s why after experiencing this orgasm, women feel like they have “seen God.”

They have transcended the day-to-day of their lives, and come out reborn, as the confident, self-loving and powerful beings they truly are.

When you “force fuck” a vagina, it’s going to become the storage space for all of your unresolved emotional and sexual issues, blocking you from true pleasure because there is so much debris in there.

Eventually, the debris grows into things like cysts and C-words, (no, not the good C-word: cunt), because all of those spiritual and emotional injuries have been stuffed away and are now festering.

When you give yourself—or your partner gives you—a conscious, loving, luxurious yoni massage, you can dislodge and dissolve many of these traumas.

3) Yoni Egg

The most well-known feature of the yoni egg practice is in being able to strengthen the vagina and pelvic floor.

While yoni eggs are THE most effective tool on the market for doing this, there is much more to the yoni egg practice than this.

The egg works multi-dimensionally—at least the way I teach it—to:

  • Physically strengthen the vagina, increasing sensation, lubrication and orgasm potential.
  • Energetically heal, absorb and be a catalyst for trauma release in the vagina.
  • Help a woman to realize the true attracting and creating potential of her ovaries, uterus and vagina. This is not only your child birthing apparatus, but your life- and self-birthing equipment.

Once you clear emotional and sexual blocks, build strength and reconnect to the vagina, you pave the way for vaginal orgasms.

Your vaginal orgasms become a huge tool in your personal growth.

Eat well? Check.

Exercise regularly? Check.

Meditate daily? Check.

Get fucked into oblivion with your deep, life-changing, vaginal orgasms? Hit me up. 

4) Luscious and Bodacious Anami Crystal Elixirs 

I created these gemstone elixirs myself so that I could channel my own energy and knowledge as a healing force for my clients.

It’s said that on the spiritual path, wisdom is “caught, not taught”.

I infused my own unique and original concepts on intimacy and sexual awareness into these elixirs, combined with their own qualities of healing.

Here’s a quote from the trenches. A couple has been taking the Luscious for Her and Resurrect for Him elixirs respectively.

Says she:

“Seriously had the craziest orgasm the other day… spontaneous tears/release with the deepest sensation of my life!

I’m a little freaked out by it and the depth of feeling that was associated with it. Tears and emotions kept coming after with rhythmic full body shutters for almost 20 minutes after.

Kim mentions this is a normal experience when you have either a G-Spot or cervical orgasm and perhaps this is my first one.

Holy Moly.”

What she’s talking about—tears, full-body orgasms, depth—are all the domain of vaginal orgasms.

I programmed these elixirs to release sexual blocks and open women up to their—vaginal—orgasmic potential.

And they do.


Good sex and vaginal orgasms change your life.

The true you emerges.

The act of being seen, cherished and adored, in all your primal and raw nakedness is profoundly healing.

It energizes you, giving you the sustenance and super fuel you need to create your life.

Vaginal Kung Fu is open!

The Vaginal Kung Fu Salon contains all you need to heal your vagina and catalyze your stuck-ness into growth, wisdom and deep pleasure. It contains:

  • Weekly guided egg-cercises
  • Self-healing yoni massage instructions
  • Quantum leap motional and spiritual tools to remove blockages and restore you to a state of free and orgasmic flow
  • Reflexology map of the vagina
  • Sexual position prescription: so you know where and how to heal yourself based on the different angles you stimulate your vagina with
  • A guide to giving a handjob. With your vagina

Register now!


Vaginal Kung Fu Free Webinar

Join me on this free webinar on all things Vaginal Kung Fu, including walking you through what’s involved in the 8-week salon.

Date & Time: Monday, January 29th at 5:00 PM PST

Attend by Phone: (425) 440-5010

Guest pin code: 134932#

List of local dial in Numbers: 


Attend Online: 


If you can’t make the webinar, you can submit your questions via this link. If you’d like to be sent the webinar replay, please enter your email address in the same Q+A form.

See you there!






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  1. The body lubricates itself … haha I had no idea people buy lubrication! But I’m lucky because I was taught possibly comprehensive sex ed and knew how my body worked – and what it liked. I have heard though, that you can use coconut oil for lube… but I assumed it’s only as an extra lubricant and not as the main source of it.