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How to Be Wet, Wet, Wet!

Many women struggle with natural lubrication.

They buy into the idea that it is “normal” to have to slather on artificial lube before and during sex. 

There are all kinds of reasons given to them about why they can’t lubricate naturally, like:

  • Hormones
  • Pregnancy
  • New motherhood
  • Aging/menopause
  • Just whatever, apparently vaginas don’t do this by themselves.

But they do.

And profusely.

If the right combination of factors come together.

It is the natural state of all women to be wildly voracious.

And dripping wet.

If you aren’t, it’s because certain things have or haven’t happened.

The number one physical reason for lack of lubrication is having a weak vagina.

Circulation = lubrication.

Think about it: increased blood and oxygen flow means that everything flows better in the tissues—hormones and lubricating fluid.

Having a strong and articulate vagina via a jade egg practice makes Niagara Falls out of the most menopausal and bedside-lube-reliant of women.

Left, right and center.

The most common thing I hear from vaginal weight lifters, is that they now have to use towels on the bed, because the gush and ejaculate is soaking their sheets.

Oh, the problems that come with having a strong, sensitive and juicy vagina.


Watch this week’s video to learn all about how to keep your vagina—and someone you love’s—happy, healthy and wet, wet, wet.


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In this online program, you’ll learn how to tone, strengthen and activate your pleasure, creative, orgasmic and manifesting potential of your vagina.

~K xx


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