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How Anal Are You?

Very, I hope. 

I write a lot about the therapeutic benefits of sex: how it uplifts and heals you physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

I have always seen sex as having the power to rejuvenate me. After a deep sexual encounter, I feel reborn.

Sex can be many things—an expression of love, a desire to connect more deeply and a way to clear the cobwebs in your being and recalibrate you.

I love sex for its ability to dislodge me when I feel stuck.

Anal stimulation is especially good for this.

Think about it—the ass is the proverbial exit route for your shit; the food; the experiences that you have metabolized, digested and moved through your system. Yet, we aren’t always successful in processing things fully.

Or in letting them go.

When you feel stuck and you need a little prodding, anal play can be the perfect remedy.

There is a reason we call people “tight asses.” It’s a reflection of the fact that they seem overly hung up on something or “anal retentive.” They’re in need of loosening up.

Little do we know that the solution lies within the problem.

Sometimes you can’t see your own “shit” or blind spots. This is when having a coach, a lover or a friend is a great asset in helping you illuminate your own issues.

You can do this via your own sexual forays as well. You can bring the darkness into the light.

A lot of tension gets stored in the ass—physically and energetically.

By opening up the area, we are forcing ourselves to relax and to let go deep within ourselves. Gently prying, relaxing and penetration can be just what we need to access the inaccessible.

You are practicing the art of letting go.

Being penetrated, in an area as sensitive as the ass, incrementally opens you. On all levels of your being. It teaches you how to relax and surrender. And fall into the unknown.

Anal play can be practiced in men and women. Both sexes can have anally-induced orgasms.

Some women climax even harder through anal sex than through vaginal.

Same with men.

In a lovely little joke played by God on men in our homophobic culture, the male G-Spot is the prostate gland—located in the ass. (I give tutelage in unlocking this pleasure zone in my e-salon: G-Spot Ecstasy).

Kill two birds with one stone! Men can move through any fears they have about what enjoying anal play means, and have fabulous G-Spot accelerated orgasms.

Walk bravely into your erotic toolbox. Look for different keys to open you. Explore them during your sex dates.

This post isn’t a tutorial in how to do it. It’s about why. There’s plenty of information out there on how. (In short: lots of lube and go slow. Or check out my e-course).

Very few people ever talk about why: it’s cathartic and transformative.

Enjoy your weekend. And your sex date.

~ Kx

Image: Eva Pirazzi

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2 thoughts on “How Anal Are You?

  1. Kim, thank you for your refreshingly honest and stimulating discussions about the important roles sex plays not only in our physical, but in our emotional/mental, and spiritual (energy) lives as well. I have been a believer that un inhibited sexual expression is an amazing way for all humans to really feel the emotional high we all need to experience, and sustain in order to truly live our highest, and best lives. You are amazing! Keep doing what you are doing. I believe your messages if enough people would listen, could very well end war and poverty throughout the world! Thank you

    1. Orlando,

      Thank you for the amazing words! I think this is one of my favorite declarations related to my work, ever:

      “I believe your messages if enough people would listen, could very well end war and poverty throughout the world!”