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12 27

Why It’s Okay to Fall Apart (and How It Will Give You Better Orgasms)

Let yourself come apart and unravel.

This is how you recreate yourself.

You have to fall apart to be put back together better.

When I’m approaching the edge of orgasm—and here I’m talking about deeper, vaginal orgasms, the only orgasms that really matter—I have to let myself be broken.

It’s the only game in town.

I have to allow myself to be shattered into a thousand tiny pieces that fly across the room.

There’s no way I could ever put them back together in the same way.

Nor would I want to.

Each time I’m galloping toward one of these life-changing orgasms, I know that the price of admission is everything I’ve got.

I’m willing to toss it all into the fire.

And be reborn.

This is the orgasmic little death.

Yet so few people reach this place of the orgasm that self-actualizes you.

It takes courage.

It takes letting go of control.

This is why it’s important to fall apart with someone you trust. Someone who can handle your falling apart and recognize it for what it is—a necessary part of growth.

They’ll hold you in your raw, tabula-rasa-ness and stroke your hair. Kiss your neck. And caress your thighs. Loving you. All the parts of you.

It’s in that space that the pieces come back together again.

In a stronger, more solid, more artful way.

This is the essence of creation.

It’s the sacrifice.

The etymology of sacrifice is sacre or “sacred work.”

Your sacred work is to be willing to die in order to create something new.

It’s the only game in town.


P.S. A big thank you to all who have broken me over the years. I’m all the more strong and beautiful because of it.

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2 thoughts on “Why It’s Okay to Fall Apart (and How It Will Give You Better Orgasms)

  1. Wow. I’m speechless. How you know how to express such beautiful, raw truths… As it should, it really gets me to the core of my being. Thank you, thank you.