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Well-F**ked Weight Loss

When people are well-f**ked, and really tapping into their sexual energy, the extra pounds just drop off of them. 

I often talk in my work about the life-altering power of cataclysmic sex. 

Not one does it give you ecstatic orgasms, but it changes you as a person. 

An area of radical transformation we often see is in well-f**ked weight loss. 

The fascinating thing is, they don’t change their diets, or exercise more—even though they’ve usually tried all those things before——or do anything different. 

Except that they start having gourmet sex. 

Gourmet sex is the kind of sex that involves all parts of you—emotions, mind, spirit AND body. 

It’s the equivalent of a gourmet meal vs. a junk-food one. 

It’s full of openness and heart and surrender and connection. 

The best kind of food. 

When people have a steady diet of this, they stop reaching for other things to fill them up. 

You stop substituting food for well-fucked love.

They feel full. 



It defies the laws of calories in, calories out. 

It’s more like the laws of orgasms in, orgasms out. 

This week, we also chat with our Well-F**ked All Star, Mollie, who shares her magical weight evaporation, voice-finding and well-fucked story.

“I’ve lost 20 pounds, through doing this work and coming back to my body. I was still doing the stuff that I normally did (eating well, exercising), but it was working because I knew that the weight was more emotional and energetic as opposed to me having too many cookies.”

In this episode on Well-F**ked Weight Loss we cover:

  • A major hallmark of becoming a well-fucked woman and person, of emerging into your true self, is truly not giving a fuck what other people think of you.
  • When people are well-fucked, and really tapping into their sexual energy, the extra pounds just drop off of them.
  • Every high-quality sexual encounters generates a slough of mood-boosting chemicals that get you so high, your cravings for other ways to get high and feel fulfilled, evaporate.
  • You can orgasm your way to a flatter belly. The flood of oxytocin produced at orgasm wipes out the stress hormone cortisol, which is often responsible for the “belly paunch.”
  • Rather than calories in, calories out, think: orgasms in, orgasms out.
  • “The weight” in people is the accumulation of all of their unresolved stuff. Instead of processing their wounds and hurts, they file them away in their thighs and butts and bellies.
  • Using the internal combustion engine of sex melts away all of this stored stuff, leaving you lighter energetically and physically.
  • When you are truly in the magical state of openness brought on by a steady diet of gourmet sex, you transcend physical laws.

Listen now.

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Too image: My 48-year-old well-f**ked body. #bodybythewellf**kedwoman

Shot by Robert Voltaire

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