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Why Everyone Needs to Be on The Come Diet

I’ve been on this diet for many years now.

It feeds me deeply.

It reaches all the hard-to-access nooks and crannies within me that need nourishment.

It keeps me sane, happy, smart and rich.

And fit.

Like anything that creates lasting change, The Come Diet isn’t just some flash-in-the-pan, temporary fix.

It’s a way of life.

Here’s what The Come Diet can do for you:

1) Come: the magical elixir of the gods.

Really. Truly.

Throughout history, come has been recognized as a magical elixir.

Indeed, the most beautiful love goddess ever, Aphrodite, was born on a sea of foamy ejaculate.

aphro botticelli

Is she trying to tell us something??

2) Come makes you happy.

Even science agrees: eat more come.

A few years back, male ejaculate was “discovered” (I already knew that, from hands-on experience) to be an antidepressant.

You can take it vaginally, anally or orally.

Just like the superfood it is.

The “science” on female ejaculate is still catching up, but suggests enormous health benefits as well.

Plus, having orgasms in any form generates a feel-good biochemical cocktail of delights.

3) My ass.

Yes, my ass is a great reason to be on The Come Diet.

Gourmet sex helps you lose stubborn weight and create the perfect form.

I’m 45.

I’m fitter than I was at age 20.

Yes, I eat well and I exercise.

My big secret though?

The Come Diet.

I have had clients struggle with weight issues. They tried specific diets, trainers, were knowledgeable on the best nutrition, and yet they still couldn’t lose those last 20-30 pounds.

Until they got them f**ked away.

When you are having gourmet sex—the kind of sex that nourishes you emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually—your defences and the pounds that protect you just melt off.

Because they were never really about calories, were they?

These people didn’t even TRY to lose weight. It just fell off them.

4) You get hotter.

And magnetic.

Everyone wants to f**k you.

I coined the whole “Well-F**ked Woman” meme based on the idea that people who have lots of well-f**ked love in their lives glow.

They radiate.

They emit a certain je ne sais quoi magnetism that draws people to them.

Like moths to the flame.

5) You make more money.

What kind of diet makes you rich?

The Come Diet!

Financial flow is connected to your sexual flow.

Sexual blocks result in financial blocks.

When I cleared some huge sexual blocks and impediments to going deeper in relationship, that’s when the abundance began to pour in.

I’ve also seen this over and over again with clients and people in my salons.

They open the sexual floodgates and the cash appears.

6) You accelerate your personal growth.

Conscious intimate relationships are the mainstay of The Come Diet.

You illuminate your dark and blind spots so they can be healed.

In fact, nothing can do this as well as a deep, committed partnership.

You’ll blast through your blocks. You’ll self-actualize and “become” the person you were meant to be/deep down really are.

When you are truly seen, adored and cherished, you are imbued with a superpower that makes the impossible effortless.

You have more of your whole self and inner resources available to you.

You are in flow with the universe.

7) You get smarter.

It’s a lethal cocktail, that come.

And the act of coming.

Chemically speaking, they improve your memory, confidence and focus.

And when your intimate relationship isn’t in strife—whether that means outright arguments, or tiptoeing around the things you don’t say—you free up your brain.

8) You are more creative.

Sexual energy is creative energy.

When you are tapping into it and using it consciously, you’ll see how you approach everything in your life with more creativity: your literal art, your work, your relationship, your parenting.


Want more come in your life?

The Coming Together Salon is now open for registration.

This salon, like all my salons, only runs once a year.

So now is the time!

Because The Come Diet isn’t just about having more sex.

And eating or having good come(s).

It’s about the quality of these things.

And that’s what I’m going to show you how to create in Coming Together.

We’re aiming for a steady diet of gourmet sex food.

Are you coming?


Coming Together Webinar

couple floor

If you’d like more info on the salon, and all about the secrets of coming together, check out the replay of my FREE webinar:

Title: Coming Together Webinar
Event Page: http://iTeleseminar.com/83094825
Event Page Password: deeper

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