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G-Spot Orgasms: Tips and Techniques to Stimulate Her

Five things to know about your G-Spot orgasm:

1) Everyone can have one.
2) This is the area where you can squirt from.
3) These orgasms are all about trust and emotional openness.
4) You can have many in a row. 10? 15? Totally doable.
5) They are full-body, ecstatic experiences.

The G-Spot, or the Glee Spot, as I like to call it, is another one of the Loch Ness Monsters of female orgasms.

All of them are after the clitoris.

Hotly debated, and highly coveted.

The reason all of these deeper orgasms aren’t easy to measure in a lab (though they have been) is because the mitigating factor is:


Letting go of control.

Diving into the abyss of I-have-no-idea-what-is-happening-to-me and what feels like one of the most emotionally intense experiences of your life takes trust.

You have to trust yourself.

You have to trust your partner, that he/she can handle whatever—emotions or fluids—come out of you.

Then you get there.

Any shred of hesitation—emotional, physical—is going to halt the process.

If you feel yourself moving towards intense emotions and back away, the orgasm will stop.

Go forth and feel.

At my Bali retreat last year, I was explaining this to everyone. And the couples took it to heart.

And vagina.

They went back to their villas and when the feelings—laughter, tears, frustration—came up, they were able to stay the course.

The men supported their women.

And many first G-Spot orgasms—and ejaculations—were had.

Find out my G-Spot orgasm tips for getting her over the edge in this week’s video.

Watch it now!

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8 thoughts on “G-Spot Orgasms: Tips and Techniques to Stimulate Her

  1. Wow!! A few months shy of my 50th BD and I have never had a G-spot orgasm… and I did believe that I must be part of the unlucky not-able-to-orgasm club. Your explanation of having to feel completely open, honest and safe makes more sense as to my lack of orgasm. I will definitely need to work on making myself vulnerable and open. So looking forward to watching and learning more from you.
    I feel a small sense of “I can do this” now. LOL

  2. Awesome, friendly, real and welcoming video. I look forward to checking out your site with my non orgasmic, love of my life!

  3. Thank you Kim for that wonderful educational short clip that I was able to watch of the website I’m gonna share this with my girlfriend and I think we will be able to obtain the G spot orgasm we talked about it we’ve tried but never quite got there but I think with the your help will make it thank you have a great day

  4. My awesome boyfriend got me to have several G spot orgasms last night. It was amazing. He’s the only one that wanted to take care of my needs. I will say that he is paralyzed from right above his stomach down. So we are experimenting and learning each other.

  5. Woooooooooow. I had my second meeting of my Psych 12 class today (“Human Sexuality”) as part of my Sociology major. I skimmed through the chapters and topics and saw some interesting stuff that pertains to this and other aspects of our sexual selves. I had also heard of this G-Spot phenomena but didn’t understand it totally as a concept beyond something “carnal” people speculated about or claim exists as part of some extraordinary sexual experience.
    But the “transformative” part of how you described this makes sense beyond just pleasure. Without getting too deep or insightful, suffice it to say that people are spiritual and experiences are linked and occur they way they do-physically and otherwise-in nature for a reason. And for some experiencing this and for others just understanding this is a good thing. HS will likely not be my focus after the academics, social change is. However, I believe that people understanding their physical selves and being able to release negative energy in this and other physical and spiritual ways, and escape from misinformation and misconceptions about self-both physical and spiritual may in some way improve the overall well-being of societies and perhaps somehow limit and possibly seriously diminish some of the core isms that cause some social changes to be necessary in the first place.