Most women are sexually disconnected and have a weak vagina….


Dear Friend,

As a modern-day sexual savant, it is my experience that nearly every woman has a weak, under-performing, under-pleasuring vagina.

Is yours?

If it is, you certainly aren’t alone.

Take this quiz and discover the truth. Just how sensitive is your vagina?

25 signs that you are sexually disconnected and have a weak vagina
  • You have not had internal, vaginal orgasms (G-Spot or cervical).
  • Things feel “different” in your pelvic area since childbirth.
  • PMS runs half your month and totally decreases your quality of life.
  • You have a hard time attracting and creating what you want in your life.
  • You feel disconnected to your body or have body parts you loathe.
  • You have exercise-induced incontinence.
  • Your partner might say that your vagina feels loose (or that you aren’t as “tight” as you used to be).
  • You’ve tried Kegels and they just don’t seem to work or offer marginal improvement.
  • You rarely self-pleasure or when you do it is mechanical and very goal-oriented.
  • You have lost interest in sex. No. Libido. Whatsoever.
  • You can’t shoot ping pong balls with your vagina. Or your aim is terrible.
  • You have had some kind of pelvic organ prolapse.
  • You have unresolved sexual trauma.
  • Your vagina feels numb.
  • You feel disconnected to your intuition or inner guidance.
  • You have never ejaculated.
  • You have experienced some kind of reproductive ailment, such as a growth in the breasts, ovaries or cervix.
  • You have difficult or painful periods or challenging menopausal/peri-menopausal symptoms.
  • You lack sexual confidence.
  • You have a hard time tapping into your creativity—be it in work, play or any are of you life.
  • You struggle with finances and your work life feels stagnant.
  • You are depressed. Listless. Have little motivation to get anything done.
  • You feel sexually inhibited and shy. You have a hard time asking for what you want.
  • You often need to use vaginal lubricant at some point during sex.
  • The idea of opening a beer bottle with your vagina seems completely unattainable right now.

Scoring. If you checked off:


If a woman is disconnected from her sexuality and her vagina, she is operating at a massive disadvantage.

Having a weak vagina exacerbates this problem. You can’t tune into your sexual energy and sexual pleasure if you can’t even feel your vagina.

When women come to me with no desire for sex, I’m not surprised.

All over the world, women are suffering from the debilitating condition of not having enough (or any) sexual pleasure in their lives.

The effects of a dull vagina and unfulfilling sex life spill over into everything: your relationship, your career, your family, your friends.

Everything gets pulled into this vortex and affects your quality of life.

And really, what woman would want to have sex when they can’t even feel anything!?!

When I speak of vaginas that shoot ping pong balls and open beer bottles and win world records, these aren’t wild exceptions to what vaginas can do (though they are currently).

Every woman can do these things.


So why don’t they?

Every woman has heard the pelvic adage: “Do your Kegels! Everyday! This is how you will build a stronger pelvic floor!”

Except that it’s not.

The real Kegel, the exercise that Dr. Alfred Kegel created in 1947, involved placing a feedback device inside the vagina. Doing so, a woman would know just how strong her pelvic contractions were.

With this method, Kegel saw a whopping 93% improvement rate with issues of urinary incontinence.

When other doctors suggested the clenching exercise to women, without the use of any kind of feedback device, the success of the exercise immediately dropped 50%.

In my sex coaching practice today, I have yet to meet a single woman—amongst thousands—who has had success with Kegels.

Instead, I meet women every day who are terrified to get on a trampoline with their children or who can’t go for a run anymore, because they have involuntary bladder emissions.

The statistics are shocking: as many as 60% of women are thought to experience some form of urinary incontinence. It’s difficult to say for certain, because, due to sheer embarrassment, most women don’t talk about it.

Another 50% of women will experience some form of pelvic organ prolapse (like the uterus falling into the vagina) after childbirth.


That statistic (and the one on incontinence, both from the Yale University School of Medicine) made my jaw drop.

This is the problem with the modern version of a Kegel: It doesn’t work.

In order to build strength, you need resistance and feedback. You need to be “lifting” just enough weight, whether with your bicep or your vagina.

The weight needs to be light enough that you can pick it up, and heavy enough that you need to exert some effort.

That’s how you build strength.


The long lost art of vaginal weight lifting

Five thousand years ago, genital strengthening was considered a necessary life skill.

Since sexual energy is life force energy, and our genitals are the centers of that power, it’s essential that we’re connected to them.

Both energetically and physically.

In the ancient Taoist system of sexual practices—where sex was seen as medicine and a pathway to enlightenment—pelvic weight lifting was an essential part of their health regime.

The regimen strengthened the pelvic floor, supported the internal organs and recirculated vital sexual energy throughout the system.

Women practiced the lifting with a jade egg. In the Chinese system of medicine, jade was thought to have healing and balancing effects on the female reproductive system.



The world’s strongest vagina

Tatyana Kozhevnikova is from Novosibirsk, Russia. After she had her children, she felt that things just “weren’t the same down there.”

She’d heard about these ancient Taoist practices of vaginal weight lifting and decided to try them out.

Several years, 31 pounds and a Guinness World Record later, Tatiana has the strongest vagina in the world. guiness


Yes, you heard me correctly. Tatyana can lift 31 pounds with her vagina.

And there is a Guinness World Record for this accomplishment.

(I love Russians).

While you don’t have to aim for Tatyana’s skill level, the benefits of an internal weight lifting practice are many.

But Kim, what about the other vagina strengthening methods I’ve heard of?

Yes, there are other pelvic strengthening devices out there. Here’s how the jade egg is different:

First off, if you see a device claiming to make your vagina stronger for you, while you just lie there, and do nothing… Seriously? I have seen some devices which claim to make you “tighter” just by inserting them into your vagina, with no work on your part. That’s denial, folks! You can’t make your bicep stronger by lying next to a dumbbell.

There are other devices which act in the same way as “ab shockers” to deliver an electrical shock to your vagina and force the muscles to contract. These have proven to be far less effective than weight lifting. I don’t believe that traumatizing the vagina through electric shock is going to help with re-sensitization.

Then there are some devices which you insert that give you feedback based on the strength of your contraction. These are a better choice. However, they still have a very machine-like, obgyn-look-and-feel. Some are made of steel, which feels very industrial to me. And you aren’t adding weight to them.

The egg is my top choice for many reasons:

  • It fulfills the biggest requirements to provide resistance and feedback to the pelvic floor muscles. This is how you build strength.
  • It’s organic and natural. It’s jade! It’s a 5000-year-old tool from one of the most advanced medical and sexual energy systems on the planet. The symbolism of the egg as a seed, as the start of creation, is also powerful.
  • The Vaginal Kung Fu program works on every level: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Lasting change happens when we are onboard in every possible way—just giving you exercises isn’t enough. Vaginal dissociation is multi-faceted and that’s why I tackle it from every angle.
  • This system of inserting an egg (or glass ball, as Tatyana did) and lifting weight is what created the strongest, record-holding vagina in the world. How can you go wrong?


With a strong pelvic floor you will:

  • Have more orgasms.
  • Have better orgasms. (By better I mean, mind, body and spirit altering orgasms that are longer, deeper, more intense, and include the ability to ejaculate).
  • Keep your internal organs (I.e. no pelvic organ prolapse).
  • Have an easier childbirth and recover more quickly afterward.
  • Up your libido. When the vagina is weak, it feels numb. Sex is infinitely more pleasurable with a sensitive and articulate vagina.
  • Eliminate issues of urinary incontinence.
  • Increase circulation in the vaginal canal and produce lubrication more easily.
  • Be able to shoot ping pong balls. This is every woman’s God-given right.

A kung fu vagina can be had by every woman.


I, like many women, was told: “Do your Kegels!”

So I squeezed my vagina a whole bunch of times. And didn’t feel much.

However, I, unlike many women, discovered Taoist sexual philosophy at an early age. I was introduced to the jade egg and its benefits in my early twenties.

Before practicing, I didn’t know that I could isolate movement in the left side of my vagina, and the right side.

Or that I could bear down on my man so pleasurably that he would ejaculate.

Or that I could move furniture with my vagina.

What I did have was PMS that ruled my life and mood for half the month.

I was constantly treading financial water.

I felt estranged from my life purpose. I had no idea what my true gifts were.

I reached for food when I was really hungry for intimacy.

I was missing the essential nourishment that balanced, flowing, properly channeled sexual energy would give me.

It’s the Rosetta Stone—the piece that brings everything else together.

Without it, everything else crumbles to the ground.

Twenty years later, my work is an extension of who I am. My sexual energy fuels my life and my relationships.

My vagina is sensitive, articulate and my source of power.

Most women I meet have dreadfully numb vaginas. Worse, while they know something is wrong, they don’t know that there is a solution… and most have resigned themselves to a life of numbness. A numb vagina, a numb sex life and a numb connection to their true sexual essence.

But it doesn’t have to be this way!

A numb vagina CAN be re-sensitized, libido restored and a deeper, more fulfilling sex life can be had. Every woman deserves to have this.

That’s why I created this program. So you can wake up your vagina, and experience the daily bliss of a sexually fulfilled existence.

The truth is: connecting to your sexual energy and your vagina involves a lot more than just what you do in bed. Many people may think they have a great sex life, (and most of the time they don’t know what they don’t know), but it’s not adding to their quality of life outside of the bedroom.

That’s what you’re going to get here. Ideas, techniques and solid action steps that will radically change you from the inside out.



Here’s Vaginal Kung Fu:

An 8-week Virtual Salon to Strengthen and Tone the Vagina and Turbo-Charge Your Orgasms

Each week you’ll receive new vaginal workout exercises as well as a core-strengthening routine.

Salon 1: Love Yourself. Foundational practices for harnessing sexual energy. Opening to the healing and energizing potential of your vagina.

  • Learn how to convert sexual energy into creative energy to fuel your life, work and relationships
  • Increase the magnetic power of your vagina and your womb to attract your deepest desires
  • Learn ancient Taoist practices used by courtesans in the emperor’s court of China to increase vitality, beauty and sexual expertise
  • Guided meditation to heal and reconnect with your sexual and vaginal power and pleasure
  • Learn the emotional anatomy and sexual reflexology points in the vagina so you can heal yourself by having sex!
  • The importance of the core and how having a strong core helps you to create in your life
  • Learn to feel sexual energy flowing and moving through your body
  • Cultivate self-love through self-pleasuring and exploration

Salon released: February 5th Q+A call: February 10th

Salon 2: Create Yourself

  • Why orgasms are your infinite power source and how to use them to their maximum potential
  • Harness the core manifesting power of your uterus and learn how to birth your reality into existence
  • A guided visualization to charge your jade egg with talismanic powers
  • Increase fertility and become a strong conception vessel
  • Ovarian, uterine and vaginal strengthening herbs and foods

Salon released: February 12th Q+A call: February 17th

Salon 3: Rejuvenate Yourself

  • How to shift menstruation and menopause to be energizing and rejuvenating instead of exhausting.
  • Take the most powerful creative energy that you have access to and, using a potent, ancient Taoist practice, learn to revive yourself with it (I’ve never shared this before!)
  • Eradicate PMS, challenging periods and difficult menopause forever
  • Increase your sexual and creative power in just five minutes a day!
  • Surefire techniques to stop leaking sexual energy and revitalize yourself with it instead
  • Deepen your relationship to your feminine core and tap into the power of surrender

Salon released: February 19th Q+A call: February 24th

CHALLENGE WEEK: You’ll be given your “challenge” assignment during the course! Q+A call: March 3rd

Salon 4: Your Breast Self

  • How to make your breasts more sensitive and orgasmic
  • Techniques to give yourself a natural breast-lift and facelift so you can look and feel more youthful
  • Learn holistic breast care and healing practices
  • The secret to having nipple-gasms!
  • Learn how breast stimulation plays a crucial role in vaginal lubrication
  • How to grow your breasts by channeling your sexual energy (It’s true! I’ve grown mine!)

Salon released: March 5th Q+A call: March 10th

Salon 5: Heal Yourself

  • How to get rid of any genital numbness, shame or discomfort so you can enjoy pleasure more deeply, alone or with a partner
  • Holistic suggestions for healing reproductive ailments including herbs, supplements and nutrition
  • How to heal past trauma (even emotional) that is stored in the vagina and holding you back sexually and in your life
  • Learn how to create optimal hormonal balance and what the biggest culprits are for throwing your system off
  • Instructions for performing a healing vaginal massage to loosen stored tension and increase sensation and orgasmic potential

Salon released: March 12th Q+A call: March 17th

CHALLENGE WEEK: You’ll be given your “challenge” assignment during the course! Q+A call: March 24th

Salon 6: Empower Yourself

  • The secret few people know about how to use your feminine and sexual power to amplify your life’s work
  • How deeper, vaginal orgasms increase your cash flow
  • Learn how to attract and let good things come into your life, rather than stressing to “make them happen”
  • Your pocket “mood” guide to which sexual positions will help balance you depending on how you feel
  • How to use different movements in sex to increase the flow of energy and healing
  • Strengthening the heart-vaginal connection so that you are more emotionally present and open during sex
  • How to give your man a hand job. With your vagina.

Salon released: March 26th Q+A call: March 31st

These things have totally changed my life and vagina, as they have done for thousands of people I’ve worked with.

Your Orgasmic Investment

Keys to A Strong, Toned and Turbo-Charged Vagina: You receive gorgeous HD videos, downloadable audio, transcripts and “homeplay” in which I share the knowledge and wisdom I have accumulated in 23 years of study. Each of these salons individually would run at a cost of $297- x6 =  $1782 value.

Weekly Support from Me: Ask me anything during our Q+A calls. $2400 value.

Total Value: $4182

Since it’s my life’s work to bring the beauty and joy of sexual fulfillment and vaginal power to as many women as possible, I’m not asking anywhere near that for this program.

I’ll tell you exactly what your investment is in just a moment, but first, let’s hear from some sexually and vaginally empowered women.

Like Britt, for example. She radiates beauty, femininity and sensuality. She’s confident and poised. She has a ravenous libido. Many of my clients wish to remain anonymous.

Not Britt. She is “out” and proud.

I’ll let her speak for herself.


I always knew sex was an important part of a healthy relationship, but I didn’t realize how important it was in cultivating my self-expression. I am so grateful for the wisdom that Kim embodies around sexuality. Embracing her teachings has not only made for a much juicier sex life, it has also contributed to an increase in my self-awareness around my sexuality and confidence in how I show up in the world daily.

~ Kate Muker CEO, Conscious Divas

I discovered how deep intimacy with myself and with others allows me to tap into and wield my sexual/creative power. Kim’s fundamental principals have significant healing

potential for any man or woman. Kim Anami is an immense resource and feminine force that has acquainted me with the astounding benefits of authentic sexuality.

~ Rebecca Robbins, Vancouver



I’m considered such an authority on the topic of super-powered vaginas and multi-orgasmic women, that I write for Playboy.


And have been featured in:

I’ve devoted my personal and professional life to solving the plight of weak vaginas and radically undersexed women all over the planet. Now I’m going to solve it for you.



More orgasmic results:

“Kegels on steriods!!! The weight-lifting techniques are bringing my vagina back to life. I didn’t realize how disconnected I had been.”

~ Dr. Jennie Weisenburger, naturopathic physician


Kim Anami lives her teachings in such a way that those who seek her out are nearly instantly transformed. Her teachings on “gourmet sex” and “The Come Diet,” might at first sound kinky—but definitely come from the heart. And a divinely-tuned one at that.

~ Lindsey Lewis, founder Libre Living


Kim is a juicy, delicious sex priestess who brings a combination of facts, intuitive knowing and relationship coaching together to help you take the next step in your sensual evolution. In my work with Kim, I’ve received tons of great value, tools, techniques and philosophies. Myself and my lover are more adventurous in our sex life and also with our emotional communication. We are both focused on having sensuality as a way of life, and having our relationship be a sensual experience.

~ Christina Seitz, How To Be A Goddess


The Multi-Orgasmic Bonus Series

More tools for your journey. We continue the vaginal education and re-education most women have never had.



Total Value of the Multi-Orgasmic Bonus Series $1485-


Your Investment for Vaginal Kung Fu includes lifetime access to:

Core training of:

  • Six modules with a total of approximately 25-30 videos HD self-study videos
  • Downloadable audio mp3s
  • Transcripts of all the material
  • Weekly Q+A group salons

Plus Bonus Salons:

  • Multi-orgasmic series on everything from ejaculation to orgasmic birth.

All for 2 low payments of $275

Caveat Emptor/The Guarantee

If you absorb and apply this information, I know it will make a difference for you in all aspects of your life.

You have to commit to the process.

This is not something you can pay $500- for and magically tap into your sexual self.

If you find that after reading, listening and acting on the techniques in this course, you find no improvement in your sexual outlook and experience, I’ll cheerfully refund your money.

In order to do that, I’ll require your completed homeplay assignments from all of the salons by midnight PST March 5th. Why? If you do the work, I know you will see change.

That being said, the cultural blocks about free and empowered sexual expression are so strong, that it can take months and years to move through them. It’s important that you prioritize this experience, set aside time daily to focus on it and acknowledge small gains.

The tools you need to shift are all here. You have lifetime access to them, so you can go back and refer to everything multiple times.

Like orgasms, some are bigger and more life-changing than others. Each one represents a breakthrough and an ascension to a higher level.

I’ll see you there. ~

Kim xxx

Yes, Kim, I am ready to have turbo-charged orgasms!

I understand that my enrollment today includes:

Keys to Unlocking Female Sexual Energy HD Video Series, mp3s and transcripts —$1782 value Weekly Coaching from Kim: — $2400 value Multi-Orgasmic Bonus Series — $1485 value

Total Value: $5667-

I understand that my investment is backed by your 100% guarantee, provided I do my homeplay.


“I’ll be on vacation for part of this! What if I miss a week or two?

Everything is archived—from the videos to the weekly Q+A calls. Plus, you have lifetime access to all the material to review as much as you like. You can even send in your questions ahead of time and I’ll answer them on the call. Some people choose to do this anyway—not everyone is as bold as me when it comes to talking about sex!

“How much time will I need to devote to this?”

The more you put in, the more you get out. I’ve designed this course to be a concentrated download of the best techniques I know. I’d suggest committing four to six hours a week to focus on watching the videos, writing, and the physical exercises.

“How do I know this is a fit for me? What is your refund policy?”

If you’ve read my blog and watched my videos, you’ll have a good idea of who I am and what I can offer you. Here we go deeper and fuller. I KNOW these tools work. They have changed my life and thousands of people I have worked with. If you can prove to me, by submitting the finished (written) product of the work you have done, that you’ve put in the effort and still no results, I’ll refund your money.

“Do you offer a payment plan?”

You can pay $497 upfront or in two installments of $275. The second payment is due one month after the first.

“How far will this take me?”

Your sexual evolution is a constant practice, much like your career. Meaning, in the work we choose, we typically get some kind of training. Then we continue to expand ourselves through seminars, workshops, reading about new developments in our industry and mentoring with people we admire. If we didn’t do these things, we’d stagnate. Your sexual and intimate life is no different. This course will jumpstart you and take you further than where you are now. Depending on how open you are, it can be the turning point from which you never look back. How open and committed you are will decide that.


Even More Multi-Orgasmic Results:

“We’re having sex three times as often and feeling more loving and less stressed about sex in general. Amazeballs. Taking the salon is like having a sex ninja at your service. Listening to Kim is like reading 14 books, 3 how-to manuals, and the entire Shades of Gray trilogy.

— Kristen Kalp 


“Kegels never worked for me. I started using the jade egg last year, after divorcing at age 45. I was dating a new man and determined to get back in the saddle with a bang! I practiced with the egg every day and in one week, the incontinence issue that had been with me for 20 years disappeared! Besides vastly improving the strength of my pelvic floor and my confidence level, my newfound “powers” have proven to be quite a delight for my man!

Leslie, Editor, Los Angeles

“After two months of working with Kim, my husband and I more deeply connected and have had more powerful, mind-blowing sex than we’ve had in 29 years of marriage. I finally feel comfortable with myself as a sexual being. I take charge, I ask for what I want and express myself emotionally and physically.”

Ella, film agent, Los Angeles

“I love my jade egg! As a mother to two young boys, the jade egg is a godsend to heal, tone, and strengthen your pelvic floor. My vagina literally feels awake, alive, and loved. Every woman would benefit from learning how to properly use a jade egg and love their bodies more!”

— Roxanna Farnsworth, Postpartum Educator

“We’ve had amazing breakthroughs in our relationship this past month and there has never been a deeper sense of trust. I 100% hands-down guarantee that neither one of us has never had such deep, connected sex… ever. You could say we’re pretty happy.”

Jesse, male partner of a well-f**ked woman, London, UK

“I have a stronger vagina from the jade egg exercises. I experience longer and stronger orgasms and I have stopped disassociating from my body during sex. I also had a G-spot orgasm for the first time ever!”

— Dr. Shadia Alam, Integrative Physician


“In addition to the fact that Kim’s work has revitalized my marriage, my PMS symptoms have totally evaporated. What used to be a two-week dip in my productivity and emotional state now flows with ease and grace.”

Jenna, entertainment lawyer, New York

“Problems? What problems? With sex like this, who has problems?”

Maria, formerly sexually frustrated woman and mother of two young children. Now has gushing G-Spot orgasms and feels VERY fulfilled.

I have tried pelvic floor rehabilitation and that didn’t work but the egg did. My whole family has a history of vaginal and uterine prolapse and the jade egg practice really tightened me up. Thank goodness! Totally liberating, empowering and sexy. Sexy on all levels, mind, body and spirit. The salons are filled with gorgeous videos. I loved the information. The flow was perfect. But mostly it’s about KIM. Her energy, presence, authenticity and expertise are what makes it.”

— Lisa Campion, Energy Healer and Counselor

“Sex gets better each time. His stamina is up, and we can have sex for three hours straight no problem… I am feeling so well f**ked it’s ridiculous. I feel completely insatiable. Is that normal?”

M + T, Miami

F**king fantastic! I feel more open sexually and I finally feel OK with my sexuality. Since completing Kim’s course, I’ve noticed more of an inflow of creative opportunities. I finally feel OK being me and being a sexual woman.”

Nicole Moore, Love & Relationship Coach, New York City


“Life-altering! Since taking Kim’s course I have a booming business, more energy, am more grounded, inspired to keep a sexual practice, have cleared blocks, and continue to make time to connect with my partner. Noticing the different orgasms is fabulous! Every woman and every man deserves to know how important and how wonderful this work is.

Mandy, Massage Therapist and Health Kinesiology Practitioner, Maine

Our sex life has increased by 9000%! Ok Im not a mathematician but basically we went from having sexual interactions about 1-2x per month to 6-7 times per week! And these experiences are 5-star Michelin restaurant, quality, gourmet events. In my husband’s words after a recent sex date: ‘I feel like Im high on drugs!’ (We weren’t!) Thank you for being a muse who has taught me how to be my own muse.”

Vanice Medley, Mystic and Life Counsellor

“I have become multi-orgasmic. As a result of this course, I average at least six orgasms at a time! Not only am I exploding with pleasure, but the sexual connection with my husband has deepened beautifully. I feel receptive and creative and juicy! The breast massage was a revelation. I won’t start the day without it now!”

Annika, Project Manager, UK

“Game-changing for your life (inside + outside the bedroom). I exude more confidence and am seeing creative blocks just disappear.”

Stephanie W., business coach + consultant, lifestyle blogger and multi-media producer, Los Angeles


For more glowing reviews, check out the Well-F**ked Woman Hall of Fame.

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