Bombshell Bootcamp ~ Day 7!

Creativity and CA$H

When your vagina is happy and healthy and getting well-f**ked on a regular basis, it is very productive. 

In fact, your life and work output is directly related to your vaginal satisfaction. 

Your sexual flow and your financial flow are intimately connected. 

If you want to make more money, have more sex.

Sex with your partner, sex with yourself. 

It all counts! 

When you turn on your vagina, you turn on your life. 

With a turned-on and activated vagina, your creative bombshell powers are at their maximum potential. 

Your vagina is your mover and SHAPER. This is your creative source. 

As you wake it up and activate it to be the divine birth-er of all things, it does exactly that, energetically. 

It magnetizes opportunities, people, ideas and wealth. 

Right into your lap. 

In fact, you may have already experienced some or all of this at this stage in the bootcamp alone! 

Sometimes the universe rewards you quickly for devoting to yourself this way, like Michelle, a certified bombshell and WFW alum:

Owning and inhabiting your well-f**ked bombshell self is recognizing that you can access this energy anytime, anywhere and use it to create your life. 

You’ve spent the last six days revving up your sexual energy and clearing away blockages to amplify its flow in your life. 

What will you use it for? 

A new house? A book you’ve been working on? A dream vacation? 

All are possible.