I’ve never been more excited to give head in my life! I love it!

I'm more well-f**ked than I've ever been, even when I'm not with my partner. My confidence levels are way up. I'm so open to love and intimacy now, the right kind, the deep-penetration-of-your-soul-kind! Oh, and my road rage has completely subsided ;) Everyone should do this course! The amount of insight you get for the price you charge is incredible. It’s paradigm-shifting!

— Diana Frank, Marketing, Los Angeles

An increase in wetness to tsunamic proportions.

— Joanne Davies, Hypnotherapist, UK

Britt on the 30-day sex challenge and Kim’s salons

We’re having sex three times as often and feeling more loving and less stressed about sex in general. Amazeballs. Working with Kim is like having a sex ninja at your service. Listening to Kim is like reading 14 books, 3 how-to manuals, and the entire Shades of Gray trilogy.

— Kristin Kalp, Branding Expert, Texas

Kim is a total rockstar and a tour de force of all things sexual. Her stuff is a cut above anything I’ve seen.

— Dr. Christiane Northrup, OBGYN, New York Times best-selling author

The most significant, highest-return investment of my life.

— Tatiana Cirico, Tech Industry, San Diego

Casper — On working with Kim

A crucial education for all men. I can how have a full-body orgasm, where I build up to orgasm about 20-30 times before coming—it’s ridiculous—like taking Ecstasy.

— Asher Cloran. Australia

By the end of the first day at Kim’s retreat, Karina had experienced her first G-spot orgasm and soaked the bed sheets by squirting. By the second day she was having multiple G-spot orgasms during intercourse and squirting multiple times! Were there tears of happiness? Um... yes! This is amazing to say the least, but it’s only the surface! Our seven day retreat was indescribable and worth its weight in gold. If you value yourself and your partner, you have to do it. You’ll never look back.

— Mali and Karina. Adelaide, Australia

My sexual life is better than ever and my vagina is strong and getting stronger my sex life has improved 70% and climbing!.

— Marcela Torres Diez de Sollano. Mexico.

“Men are just coming from I don’t know where!”

— Dana Claudat, Feng Shui Master and Wellness Blogger

I have a stronger vagina from the jade egg exercises. I experience longer and stronger orgasms and I have stopped disassociating from my body during sex. I also had a G-spot orgasm for the first time ever!

— Dr. Shadia Alam, Integrative Physician, Michigan.

Kim is awesome. She’s absolutely right: A strong and articulate vagina has many benefits for women. It’s important for incontinence, orgasms and more!

— Dr. Lisa Masterson, OBGYN, The Doctors TV show

Revolutionary! I've definitely noticed an increase in girth to my erections, as well as more frequent morning erections.

— Scott, Singer, NYC

“I tripled the amount of money coming into my life. I literally cannot stop money from showing up. And even more impressive is I barely do any work for the money to appear. This is about tapping into your powerful sexual energy and directing that towards your goals and dreams.”

— Kai Soremekun, Filmmaker. Los Angeles

Our sex life has increased by 9000%! Ok Im not a mathematician but basically we went from having sexual interactions about 1-2x per month to 6-7 times per week! And these experiences are 5-star Michelin restaurant, quality, gourmet events. In my husband’s words after a recent sex date: ‘I feel like Im high on drugs!’ (We weren’t!) Thank you for being a muse who has taught me how to be my own muse.

— Vanice Medley, Mystic and Artist. Hawaii.

I have awakened my vagina and that is magical. I. LOVE. IT.

I have struggled with body image and have since I was 14 so I found the way the female form is embraced and loved in this salon really helped me love up my femaleness and helped me feel more confident in my body—this is big for me.

I loved how you connect sexual energy with spirituality. As a creative person I also love the fact that I can enhance my creativity with orgasms!

— Esther Ashcroft, Artist. Victoria, Australia

I am wet, wet, wet—100% wetter. My husband is a much happier man!

— Emily Marynczak, Childbirth Educator. New York.

I have cervical orgasms 95% of the time with my boyfriend. What a release! Now that I know the three basic types of orgasms—clitoral, G-Spot, and cervical—I'm able to identify them while having sex and am able to experience each one with a better understanding.

— Leslie, Administrator. Washington

One of the BEST investments in my sexual and whole-being wellness EVER!!!

I have much easier sexual response, more lubrication and juiciness and much stronger and more frequent orgasms. I feel sexy, comfortable in my skin and more happy to be a woman. My creativity and overall flow are really jamming now!!!


— Dr. Suzanne Schiller, Chiropractor. Los Angeles

The last handful of times having sex with my longtime girlfriend were as good as or better than any other time in our 8-year relationship. Crash course in how to reach your full sexual potential.

— Steve, Marketer. Toronto

I love my jade egg! As a mother to two young boys, the jade egg is a godsend to heal, tone, and strengthen your pelvic floor. My vagina literally feels awake, alive and loved. Every woman would benefit from learning how to properly use a jade egg and love their bodies more!

— Roxanna Farnsworth, Post-Partum Educator. Vancouver

I have tried pelvic floor rehabilitation and that didn’t work but the egg did.

My whole family has a history of vaginal and uterine prolapse and the jade egg practice really tightened me up. Thank goodness! 
Totally liberating, empowering and sexy. Sexy on all levels, mind, body and spirit. The salons are filled with gorgeous videos. I loved the information. The flow was perfect. But mostly it’s about KIM. Her energy, presence, authenticity and expertise are what makes it.

— Lisa Campion, Energy Healer and Counsellor

I have gone from a pre-mature ejaculator, penetrating and coming—to lasting over an hour some nights.

— Derek, Yoga Teacher, Hong Kong

I am feeling sensations and am getting wetter than I have in years. I feel like I have been re-introduced to my vagina, prior to your salon I thought she was broken. I am so much more aware of how my vagina has to power to lead me through my life. I exude so much more sensuality, confidence, and radiance and people are noticing. I met a girlfriend for dinner last night and she said, "Wow, you look beautiful...but, different. What are you doing????

— Erin Holt, Fitness Professional. New Hampshire