Sex Cleanse ~ Day 1!


Your homeplay today is to complete the exercise below and then follow it up with the discussion prompts.

You’ll likely want to hop into bed after this too! Honesty and raw love can do that.

Tomorrow I’ll give you an all-new menu of foreplay techniques to rev things up even more.



I love you because…

Sit across from your partner and establish eye-contact. One person starts by saying “I love you because…” and finishing the sentence. Then, it’s the other person’s turn to do the same. Alternate back and forth, one person at a time, until you’ve each listed 20 things you love about each other. Maintain eye contact throughout. Afterwards, thank your partner for opening up to you and then discuss the questions below.


Discussion prompts:

– How do you feel after being told how and why you are loved? 

– How often are you saying that you love each other? Per day? Per week? Per month??

– How are you showing that you love each other on a daily basis? What are some ways you can express your love more often and more deeply?

– What would make each of you feel more loved and cherished? Can you commit to implementing some of these ideas into your daily lives?