Sex Cleanse ~ Day 3!

Spending focused time, touch and attention on each other’s genitals is profoundly healing and awakening.

Let’s talk about pussy massage.

How well do you know your way around a pussy?

Honestly, most people have no idea.

Men and women alike are pretty clueless when it comes to this region of the body known as “the origin of the world.”

I know men who still debate where the clitoris is.

And have no idea where the cervix is.

They have no idea that the cervix is the site of THE most pleasurable and powerful orgasms a woman can have.

And I know plenty of women who have not even put their fingers in their own vaginas.

Both sexes are dissociated from their genitals.

Yet, your sexuality and organs are your ultimate sources of power and energy.

When you own them, and fully integrate them, inhabit them and your sexual self, you become more of who you really are.

You self-actualize.

And, you have some pretty amazing orgasms along the way.

So, let’s take this Sex Cleanse to the next level. 

Without further ado, it’s time to get to know your way around a pussy.

Men, tomorrow, you’re up next.



– Watch my Yoni Massage + Pussy Shiatsu tutorial video. 

– Men, spend a minimum of 20 minutes giving your woman a yoni massage and pay attention to the cues her body is giving you. Hold space for her emotions. 

– Women, this is for you. Practice your ability to receive. You might find it challenging at times, and if you do, breathe and allow any emotions that come up to flow. You might feel like crying and this is a good thing! Notice if you feel resistant and breathe through it. If it becomes too much, take a break or try again later in the week.

– IMPORTANT: The aim of Yoni Massage is not necessarily to reach orgasm. Rather it is a healing, awakening and connecting practice to open up tense and numb tissues, reawakening them to softness and to release any emotional and energetic disturbances that have been stored in these areas.

There is no wrong way to do a yoni massage, because the entire vagina is a map of reflexology points!

Get creative with setting up your space ahead of time to allow for maximum relaxation, and then slowly begin your vaginal reconnaissance.


Discussion prompts:

– Men: how did it feel to dedicate this much time to your woman? How long do you normally spend getting to know her body? Can you see how this will help to open her up emotionally and sexually?

– Women: how did it feel to receive this much attention from your man? Have you ever received this kind of focused devotion? Even from yourself? What kinds of emotions came up for you through the massage?