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A Guide to Demon Hunting

Your demons will find you, whether you are ready or not.

It’s better if you are ready.

In fact, the best thing you can do is to go and hunt your demons first.  

Before they come to you.

Because if they come, and you are not ready, they will turn your life upside down.

Although. Having your life turned upside down is a good thing.

But you can mitigate the damage and fast track the growth if you throw down the challenge first.

Here’s a practical guide to demon hunting:

1) Make appointments with your demons.

Invite those fuckers out to play.

For years I have sought out the counsel of those older, wiser and accomplished in demon-hunting.

Coaches, therapists, you name it.

I want to learn and grow. So I go to the experts.

Find those who are skilled at overturning boulders and deep excavation.

They can help illuminate your blind spots and give you new tools to slay your demons. To develop the courage and stamina to look them in the eye.

2) Create space.

Yoga, weekends away in nature, slowing down in general. All of these things open you up to confront your dark corners.

Many of us thrive on being busy.

Take me, for example.

I love my work. I wake up thinking about my creative projects. I daydream about them all the time.

I have to force myself away from my work, because it’s not “work,” it’s mostly a labour of love. My dharma (my life path and work) feeds me.

What I’ve learned, is that it’s important to build in “free space.”

To let the spaces in between things emerge so that demons can come to the surface, so the universe can communicate with you when you are in more receptive state.

When you aren’t absorbed and distracted by day-to-day life, all the little ailments and unhealed wounds you have can waft up to the surface.

They might be weeks old. They might be centuries old.

I just travelled many miles and galaxies to get to the edge of the universe. Now that I’m here, I can feel my body and psyche begin to unfurl.

I went to a yoga class yesterday. I hadn’t been in a long time. I could feel in the stretchy, challenging space, that all my dark corners were being flushed out. The things I had filed and hidden away were being opened up.

Yoga forces me to stop and confront all of my sticky, stuck places. And breathe through them. Nourish them.

3) Sex/intimacy and relationships will trigger your demons.

This is where most everybody fucks up.

Relationships are supposed to trigger your demons. So they can be brought out into the light, and fought and healed.

When people are confronted with the unsavory—in themselves or their partners—they want to stuff it away and bury it.

Demons don’t go away until you deal with them. They just change form.

They erupt into depression, lethargy, anger and disease.

Your demons can kill you if you let them.

If you are cultivating the kind of gourmet sex that I talk about, you are practicing being more and more vulnerable.

This is good and this is hard.

It will be the most challenging and scary thing you do. You will be tempted to run a lot.

Instead, you keep talking. You keep confronting.

When you practice opening up and trusting that the spaces won’t kill you and if you look your demons in the eye, they get weaker and smaller, you’ll get through it.

You’ll transform your demons into power you can use.

You’ll experience the deepest love you will ever know—the kind of love that starts wars, inspires epic poetry, transcends death and allows you to give your most valuable gifts to the world.

I’m talking about both self-love and intimate love.

All because you were willing to face your demons.


Image: Balinese Barong. The barong is a “mythical” creature who goes from house to house, village to village, cleansing the entire island of Bali, during certain ceremonial times.

Classic demon hunter.

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5 thoughts on “A Guide to Demon Hunting

  1. My biggest demon is a petulant brat who shares my name but is twenty plus years younger. Her sabotaging tantrums mean to protect me from disappointment and heartbreak but what they actually produce is a vicious cycle of alienating partners and chalking it up to “ain’t no real men around” which of course isn’t true.

    Through participation in WFW salon this demon now only makes cameos to instill fear. I battle and make it go the fuck away with fierce, deep orgasms. Thanks, Kim, for introducing me to the jade egg!

  2. I was drawn to this article because of Barong – my husband and I have the most beautiful, detailed painting of him hanging in our lounge room that we got from Bali. But the self-actualization of this article is awe inspiring.

  3. Having just finished your VKF course, this was the most PERFECT blog post to give my ongoing motivation some laser-like focus … proactive demon hunting. And you’ve outlined what it means to actively demon hunt, but in a feminine way … such as — ask for help, slow down, let the dark spaces open, invite demons to emerge, process them via sexual love – and other ways.

    1. Yes, the pro-active demon hunting mentality is so powerful, so warrior-like. It think we’ve lost touch with that warrior archetype in modern-day life and yet it’s such a crucial one. It doesn’t have to entail heavy fighting, but it does require courage and the willingness to confront. Which may not be heavy fighting, but certainly means heavy lifting. 🙂