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Been Raped by Your OBGYN Lately?

Or gang-raped by a bunch of them?

It’s more common than you think.

In fact, it happens all the time, all day, every day, in American hospitals.

It’s happening right now.

Every now and then, I dip my toe into the sordid world of OBGYN “medicine” to expose yet another heinous “just-another-day-in-the-life” practice they use all the time.

Most of my work—98% plus—focuses on all of the positive ways in which we can empower and optimize ourselves.


Sometimes, the dark truth of what the OGBYN profession does and allows on a daily basis needs to come out, so that women can understand what they deliberately are not being told.

They won’t tell you.

So I will.

We’re living in an era where all sorts of corruption and nefarious behaviour is being revealed.

Then, armed with facts, women can take steps to avoid this genre altogether, or, find ways to protect themselves proactively, if they do choose to utilize it.

This episode is going to be an unflinching, un-sugarcoated look at OBGYN gang rape.

It’s not going to be ultra-graphic, but to even acknowledge the reality of what is taking place, is extremely shocking.

The second part of the episode will focus on alternatives for women to be able to avoid having these things happen to them, and how to take other powerful and pro-active steps to govern their own lives and bodies.

Listen to the episode now:

Or download and listen on the go:

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8 thoughts on “Been Raped by Your OBGYN Lately?

  1. I had no idea about women getting raped during surgery. That should in no way be allowed. I’m so thankful for you doing these types of podcast, Kim, and exposing modern “medicine” for what it truly is. Women, all ages of females really, definitely are being raped every day by “medical professionals”. As a child, I felt extremely violated by all the routine vaginal checks that pediatricians do now to check for abuse. It’s weird to me that no one realizes they’re really just taking a child who may or may not be abused, and ensuring that they will be. I was told, by my parents, things like “don’t be embarrassed, they see vaginas all the time” or “It’s okay for them to do that because they’re a doctor”. They were too brainwashed to understand the problem. I decided a while ago to avoid the “medical” industry and be my own doctor. While I’ve had my share of moments when I second guessed myself, it’s people like you who remind me why I made that choice and make me feel empowered. I’m dying to take one of your classes someday. Thank God there’s someone out there putting some of the power back in women’s hands that has been continually taken from us all these years!

    1. I’m glad I could affirm your own intuition! How amazing that you could separate out what was being given to you as “truth” from the “experts” and follow your own mind and guidance.

      I totally agree—these things are grooming not only children and women, but also “doctors” to have zero respect and honouring of the human and especially female body.

      How astonishing is it that in all the thousands (hundreds of thousands?) of “doctors” who would have been trained to rape women, that none of them said anything except for this one guy. Clearly, the in-doctor-nation programs have been successful, to remove any sense of moral code, compass and capacity for intelligent, independent thought from these robots.

  2. Wow. Just wow.
    I haven’t had a pap smear in the past decade either. They are just the most invasive and uncomfortable thing and I used to feel guilt and fear around not having them (because we are conditioned to believe we NEED them). God, I really enjoyed this podcast for bringing this conversation to the forefront. I don’t know if Australia has the same practises over here, but I will certainly ask what is common procedure if I’m ever in this situation of being put under for any procedures. Thank you.
    We instinctively know we don’t need all this Western medicine, but so many of my friends have already had parts of their reproductive system removed just because they were offered no other option. It saddens me how much we are conditioned to believe our beautiful female parts are ‘wrong’ and ‘diseased’. Therefore it must be removed.
    This goes so much further than just a simple checkup. It’s complete control and keeping women down in society. Powerless. It’s shocking shit and it goes very, very deep.
    Again, thank you.

    1. I agree with everything you’ve said and how you’ve said it. Kudos to you for trusting in your own body and its wisdom.


  3. Thank you Kim for your work. It is infuriating. I didn’t know about this practice. I had endometriosis and cured it with herbs. I was yelled at and shamed for not having a hysterectomy. I haven’t seen an OBGYN in 30 years. I shared your podcast with the HERS foundation who educates women about alternatives to hysterectomies. The founder is working on making it mandatory to show women a video before the surgery what hysterectomy will do to her.

    1. Hi Christine. I always love a natural medicine success story! Well done. 🙂 Women taking their health into their own hands is the name of the game. I salute your courage!

      Thank you for sharing the episode. Fantastic to hear that others are giving women truth, facts and empowerment, when certain professions refuse to.

  4. Hey Kim. I’ve just graduated from Medical school in Poland (Europe), now I’m a doctor. I had no idea that such horrible things are happening in American hospitals. Being given a pelvic exam without consent? Sounds like a rape to me. I’m really shocked because here, in Poland, it is against every possible rule and medical students rarely get to perform a pelvic exam. I did it only a couple of times and would never do that without woman’s permission. Thanks for bringing up this issue.

    1. Hi Monika. That’s so wonderful to hear that you have higher standards in Europe and that the pelvic exams that have become so routine in America, and used at every opportunity, are not relied on as a primary diagnostic tool.

      There are clearly other ways to obtain information. And yet this submission ritual, and one that totally conditions doctors to treat women as non-sentient beings, persists.