Bombshell Bootcamp ~ Day 3!


The breasts are connected to the heart. When we love and feel loved, our chest literally swells.

When we feel sexually loved, our breasts swell too.

Literally. Sexual arousal grows breast size by 25%!

If we are cut off from the breasts, we cut off the flow of love and sexual energy.

There are several energy meridians which run through the breasts. The kidney meridian is one of them, and it is responsible for generating sensations of sexual arousal.

In Taoist sexual medicine, the kidneys get the sexual “waters” flowing.

If this meridian is blocked, it will manifest as low libido and an inability to get in the flow, or to feel “juiced” up.

To reclaim your sexuality, you need to reclaim your breasts.

One of the breast ways to bring your breasts back to life and unleash their super and sexual powers—and yours— is by doing a daily breast massage.

Even five minutes a day will activate, enlarge, lift and tone your breasts.

I’ve had scores of women go through my salons, reporting stunned results.

It works!

Being a bombshell is all about owning and loving what you got. That confidence is magnetic and massively attractive.