Bombshell Bootcamp ~ Day 4!

Feminine Energy

How can you be a modern AND feminine woman? A powerhouse in business and still feminine in your relationship? Is it possible to be a yang in the streets and a yin in the sheets…?

Contrary to popular belief, you are more powerful in your feminine energy than trying to force yourself to be something you are not.
Surrender is the name of the game in bed and in life.

Archetypal feminine characteristics are: softness, receptivity, flow, openness, trust, surrender, magnetizing and attracting what we want to manifest, enjoying and cultivating beauty.

These are qualities we can develop and radiate with or without a partner.

The paradox is that as women, our superpowers lie not in slogging and pushing and working our asses off.

The truth is:

The more you surrender, the more productive you are.

The more you let go and tap into your feminine radiance, the more you magnetize into your life.

Your best bombshell life accelerator is learning to surrender.

Tomorrow, you’ll find out more about how essential this key ingredient is for the promised land of vaginal orgasms.