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7 21

“Bonus Holes” vs. Vaginas

A response to the idiocy of using terms like “bonus hole”, “chest feeders”, “birthing people” and the cumulative encroachment on women.

Today’s episode is the recording from an Instagram Live I did last week

You can go to my Instagram and watch it there, and I”ll put the link in the show notes, or listen to this audio version.

I did the LIVE to give a response to this and the cumulative build of encroachment like it:

I’d made a post about it earlier in the week, which essentially said, “Go fuck yourselves” and it had an overwhelmingly positive and shared sentiment.

I elaborate more on the whole topic in this LIVE.

No hold backs.

  • Why I wholly (ha!) reject all of these infantile, placating terms and how people using them are advancing this agenda
  • The path to true enlightenment lies in OWNING the body you have
  • The answer to all this madness

To watch the replay on my Instagram, click here. There may be some random pauses as I’m looking at people’s comments and questions, but bonus! You’ll get my animated facial expressions and my classic rendition of underf**ked orcs.

Listen to and download the audio podcast version:

Or download and listen to the audio on the go: iTunesSpotifyStitcher

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