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Genital Sunning: Why to Sunbathe Your Yoni, Testicles and Perineum

Every day, between 12-2pm, I’m out in the sun.  Suns out, buns out, yoni out, breasts out.

This is daily medicine, a meditation and rejuvenation for me.

Makeup artists will often ask me how is it that my skin looks so healthy and supple?

I take great delight in telling them the opposite of all conventional dermatologists’ advice:

I suntan every day between 12 and 2.

The thing that Western medicine tells everyone is so dangerous that we must perpetually shield against (hmmm.. where have I heard that before??) is actually one of the most life-giving acts we could partake in:

Being loved, kissed and penetrated by the sun.

In today’s video:

  • Studies showing how genital sun exposure increase testosterone and sexual satisfaction levels 200-300%
  • Inspo for how you can work daily genital sunning into your routine
  • Historical use of the sun as medicine in treating disease
  • Why natural sunlight is essential for optimum health
  • How daily sun exposure prevents ailments, including the big C-word
  • My scientifically endorsed method for getting daily sun exposure between the prime hours of 12 and 2; when people are typically told to “avoid the sun”.
  • Why getting sun in your shadow places is so lit! ?

Watch the video now:

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3 thoughts on “Genital Sunning: Why to Sunbathe Your Yoni, Testicles and Perineum

  1. Has anyone experienced any “detox” type symptoms in tandem with beginning a genital sunning routine? This was my third day, and I am experiencing some symptoms vaginally that I have never experienced before, and I can’t help but wonder if it’s my vagina releasing some sort of stored trauma from the past. That’s what my gut feeling is, but wonder if anyone else has had a similar experience.

  2. So up until now, I’ve been up tight about showing my body at a clothing optional beach. I’ve been to 2 in my life but never had the nerve to take anything off. You along with a girls-planned week in Sint Maarten in September have inspired me. I will face my fears and take advantage of the French Beaches. I’m 22 and need to grow! 🙂