Orgasmatopia ~ Day 1!

Every woman can be a Well-F**ked Woman.

This is one of my favorite things to put out there to people:

The promise that everyone CAN.



Your homeplay tonight shows you how to expand your orgasmic potential and includes some journaling to reflect on your sexual past, now that you’re here to re-write it.

I’m about to turn everything you know about sexuality on its head, so you’ve got some reflection and deprogramming to do first!

Tomorrow, you get your first hands-on exercise 🙂


– Take some time to journal and reflect on the prompts below. Thinking about your sexual past and present will help you to write a new future once you start making some of these connections discussed in the questions.

– I’ve got lots of juicy homeplay coming for you, but to start your sexual energy flowing, I want you to start harnessing your breath!

I talk about this often for men to build more stamina, but women need it too! This is one of my top tips for expanding orgasmic potential and being present in your body. Take some time today to focus on conscious breathing with a deep 4-count inhale and 4-count exhale. You can do this in meditation, or during sex or self-pleasuring. Aim to bring your attention to your breath at least five times today, and breathe consciously for at least one minute–you can set a timer. More to come on this in the coming days.


For discussion or journaling:

– Do you believe that you are “just one of those women who can’t”? When you hear me talking about The Anami Guarantee, do you trust that this applies to you too? What would it mean to know that you too, can be a well-f**ked, sensual and salacious woman? 

– What has your libido been like throughout your life? What kinds of orgasms have you experienced? How do they make you feel? Would you say they make you feel energized or do you use them more as a sleep and stress aid? 

– Have there been times where you have had really great sex in your past and noticed a correlation to positive outer life changes? Conversely, when you’ve experienced stagnancy, dullness, or strife, can you see if there was a connection to your sex life (or lack thereof)?

– Do you feel like you can fully be yourself with your partner, in your vocation, with the people in your life? Or do you hold back?

– How often are you taking the time to consciously breathe in your day? During sex or self-pleasuring how do you normally breathe? Is it shallow or fast? How did taking longer breaths make you feel?