Praise, love and breakthroughs

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Loren Lewis Cole Artist, Bristol, UK

More sensitivity and more wetness! I had my first cervical orgasm!!

I am wet just from being in the same room as my partner.
I now have a much more expanded definition of sex. We have deeper, more authentic intimacy and I have a more sensitive vagina.

Everything that I can think of has changed in my life—how I view my energy in the world and what is possible for me to achieve. I’ve dropped so much thinking and analysing, and just don’t really care what anybody thinks of me any more.

The salon content was matchless and uncompromising. Kim is the only coach I would ever work with!

A year and a half ago, after having followed Kim’s work for 3 years, I took the Vaginal Kung Fu Salon. I was dying of thirst and I drank every drop. i was living in the most unhappy relationship of my life and had decided enough was enough. We had a young baby and it was the hardest time in my entire life. Slowly, I gathered steam and began getting serious about moving the mountain of separation. By the time I took the salon, I had gathered some momentum and my confidence in all directions was blossoming. Kim’s work came at the exact right time in my life. I committed from the depths of me. I wanted, and trusted change and a better life. There are many sexuality teachers out there but i needed Kim’s attitude, fire and firm bottom lines!
I’ve been doing personal growth work since my late teens so had a firm foundation to get on with my sexual work- I hadn’t gone there thus far. I noticed palpable results almost immediately. i stopped blaming my ex partner for everything i thought he had done. I stopped surfing the internet and looking at Facebook, effortlessly, literally overnight. I fell back in love with myself and my life, felt a palpable sense of potential for my deepest dreams that i wasn’t brave enough to even admit to myself. Through taking VKF, my periods do not have control over me, the opposite now happens where my creative energy is channelled and thoughtfully funnelled into my projects, rather than erupting like a volcano and burning down the house…! I have practiced ovarian breathing without fail every cycle since I learned it from Kim, and got results in my second period. No lower back tension, no cravings for sugary foods before bleeding, no inability to do intense exercise the week leading up to a period. It is something that EVERY WOMAN SHOULD PRACTICE!! I would never have said that I have a ‘numb vagina’, but since weightlifting and self-pleasuring as I now do, she is SO much more sensitive, deeply responsive, and just a beautiful, healthy ally on my life’s journey, as well as the day to day situations I encounter.
I’d been in such a low place in my life, the thought of male attention was just not on my radar- men literally didn’t even clock me, because I wasn’t ‘clocking’ myself. I would look outside myself to feel good, although wouldn’t have said so 😉 I now know that my energy, and the keys to my energy, lie within me, all the time. Even when my son is awake throughout the night and I haven’t eaten amazingly, I can always bring myself back to a place of inspiration and vitality because I know how to generate and circulate my most nutritional, radiant energy. I was searching for these practices for a decade, I just didn’t know where to look.
So, the separation was happening, my son was beautiful, I felt sexy again, things were breathing again. i carried on with the practices and just lived my life. During the summer, I had this constant feeling that there was this looming male energy coming into my space…I literally would keep looking around, almost as if someone had whispered my name, but there was nobody there. It was like a huge, energetic cock was poking my cheek and getting me to pay attention. One evening, I was at work, supervising the bar in a lovely restaurant I was working in, and my future husband walked in. We talked all evening, laughing, going deep, then laughing again. I could barely see his face because the energy was so strong. So strong but so incredibly natural, such a paradox. It was everything I had never had but everything I deeply trusted was coming to me. So he was the energetic cock. He took me for dinner a few days later and the I just fucking knew. intellectually, sensually, emotionally, and oh so sexually, we meet, we invite the other to stand up taller and we have grown so fucking much in the last year we almost can’t imagine what the future will bring.
The first time we made love, he literally thrusted inside of me three times in about fifteen minutes, it was meant in the mouth delicious. I told him about the journey I was on with my sexuality and he instantly said, ‘sounds amazing, can I do one of these salons?’ He took sexual mastery for men, and these principles live and breathe in our relationship every day.
I was taking the WFW when we first got together so my orgasmic journey has been obvious from the beginning, the deeper the better. We are both seeing so many manifestations in our lives, both utterly tangible, and of course, the magical intangible, but so obvious too, like feeling an embodied sense of magic and gratitude every single day.
When we make love, he penetrates me with his love and i get to orgasmic states from the sheer intensity of his gaze. I had never had an internal orgasm before taking VKF, nd now, every time we make love I melt into a sumptuous dance of release, love, emotion and surrender.
The focus on polarity has been something that we both naturally get. With him I LET GO TOTALLY, I trust his every move, I don’t question his choices, I celebrate each and every one. It’s  devotional. in the bedroom, sometimes things just happen without us planning, and we forget to even talk about them when we’re out in daily life again, these amazing polarity games just seem to appear. Recently, i came back from the bathroom and he jumped and gagged me, I struggled and he persisted, I was screaming through his hand, he pushed me onto the bed and what unfolded was the most incredible surrender in my, his cock was like steel. I have never been so attracted to anybody in my life and felt so astonishingly seen, treasured and understood. Wordlessly understood. Simple. Making love is always different and never less that incredible.
Other times, we’re with my little boy in a tent, for example, so we give him some things to play with and we make discreet love under the sheets, as the hunger for each other is impossible to conceal. We’re committed to bringing up my son to see what a passionate relationship is, one founded on deep respect, hunger, appreciation, passion and love.
What else can i say…? Well, there’s so much really as it’s truly rippled into every area of my life. I’ve never felt so deeply comfortable in my own skin, is the basic theme. i wake up every day so excited by the day and excited to get on with the things I love, slowly building the life I was not brave enough to own desire for.
I think the powerful metaphor with doing our sexual work is learning that energy is not what it might seem, and bliss can be lying on the side of pain that we can’t see.This is where commitment steps in, I commit to staying there when there is discomfort of pain, I commit to opening into it and trusting the larger dimensions that I might not know exist yet. This work is the biggest tool i have had besides my Buddhist practice, that is entirely non- intellectual. That’s why I love it so much. it’s fun to be in my head but that’s not where the magic is. I wan’t way bigger than my intellect. I love not knowing what will shift each time i come back to myself, go inside and channel my sexual energy. Things have fallen away- relationships, habits, and new things have come in, as they will. it’s the fire of purification and such an important inner compass.
I have never been happier, not because things are perfect in my surroundings, but because I feel I am being the best version of myself every day and can move myself out the way and make way for so much more love.