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AnnabellePolicy Consultant, Ontario, Canada.


I am turned on almost continually.

I self-pleasure daily, or at least every second day, and miss it intensely if I go any longer without it. I feel much freer, more creative and feminine

I did the salon at first on a whim and thought I was crazy (the cost is even higher in Canadian dollars). But it was precisely what I had needed.  

I had separated in May and knew that I needed therapy of some kind. But I am also very physical and exercise almost every day (ballet, horse riding, running), rely on that for therapy too. I also knew that I had to do some serious reconnecting with my sexual side after having suppressed it for many years with an incompatible partner.  

The course was perfect for my needs: part relationship and sex therapy, part concrete advice on things like breast massage and sex techniques. Holistic.  Loved it.    

I have always taken time to take care of myself.  This salon confirmed that it is not only ok but crucial to feminine energy to do this. I’ve also had much more attention from random men, more than before. 

Finally, Kim helped me reach the insight that I don’t have to try to compete with men on their terms to assert myself professionally (a frustrating exercise in an “old white male” kind of  profession).  

I came for the instruction in how to have vaginal orgasms, but learned so much more than expected—from polarity (loved the polarity, also the seduction salon), to what things like deep throating and anal sex are actually about.