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CarolineYoga Teacher and Artist, Vancouver

Much wetter!

I am using my new relationship to my sexual energy as inspiration for my art. I see how immediate my manifestation power is.

I thought I was already naturally well lubricated but the work of the VKF salons; breath practises, visualization, awareness building to my vagina in a deeper way, jade egg and core work all definitely have created more lubrication.  

My vaginal sentience has amplified. I am aware and feel it responding now on a moment to moment basis I was not clued into prior.

Although it was not my intention to, I have toned up and lost weight especially in my belly. 

I am single, but I notice an increased magnetism to and with men. For example, after a couple of telephone exchanges with a man who was assisting me to coordinate my father’s burial abroad, he totally asked me out. That sort of thing usually doesn’t happen to me, though I have been told I have a nice voice, lol. 

I feel that my energy is more embodied and I am showing up more authentically. I have kept a lid on my vaginal power, because I understand I have internalized that in order to be accepted and loved that is what I have had to do. But now I see and realize the opposite is true, this is the seat of my power and source of my life. I am birthing me as my relationship with my vagina blossoms.

The work of the salon coincides with an intense period in my life that involves being executrix to my late father’s estate, running a yoga studio, coparenting my two kids with my ex and creating, showing and selling my paintings/art work. 

I have noticed a big reduction in fear and anxiety and an increase in trust and sense of confidence. 

I loved all the exercises and practises in the salon, especially with the jade egg. I loved the attention to listening to my vagina, and in what ways I bypass the messages it sends me on an ongoing basis. I love feeling connected to a community dedicated to female empowerment. 

I am always recommending Kim’s work. I say she is “A-Sexual-Freedom-Renegade-Badass”!