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Denetra RodriguezBusiness Analyst, Charlotte, NC

I have G-Spot orgasms that go on for hours and trigger cervical orgasms.

Before starting the WFW salon I was convinced I could only have clitoral orgasms. Now I have to be aware of the time I start my self-pleasure, otherwise my orgasms keep me up long past bedtime!

2:16 Relationship revitalized.
3:28 Owning her femininity.
4:28 Radical career success and financial abundance – “This is crazy, I’ve got people coming out of the woodwork offering me jobs…I added $45,000 to my income without actually looking for a job.”

I’m 42 years old. Before, I believed I didn’t have a G-Spot and had never heard of a cervical orgasm.

Money and opportunities flow to me, much like it use when I was younger before I started suppressing my sexual energy to try and fit in. For example, I got a new position at my same company and it was supposed to be a lateral move with no pay increase. My new manager decided to go to bat for me and got me a pay increase and I was unaware he had done so.

I loved Kim’s raw, unfiltered advice. It had a way of cutting through my layers of BS and hitting a truth in me that I had become to PC too admit to myself.

The salon helped me fall in love with and own my femininity.

After the first call I started looking at what could be the cause of the constant stress and tension I had in my neck, shoulders and lower jaw.

Right away, I saw that I needed the shit fucked out of me—literally. So I went to my husband and asked to fuck me in the ass and he did. Well, in fact it been one of things he likes and I felt hung up on.

Not only did it get rid of all the tension, it also helped me to see how much shame I held about my ass. It always gotten me lots of attention, but I’d never embraced it or its feminine power.