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Dr. Michelle E. MacCarthyChiropractic Doctor, San Francisco

My vagina has become so much more articulate with every inch, and knowing what turns it on.

I have become so much more aware of ALL of it, the entire vagina, inside and out and my breasts.

Dr. Michelle McCarthy shares in this video her review of Kim Anami’s legendary Vaginal Kung Fu Salon. Highlights:

1:26 The perils of being out of touch with your sensual energy
1:52 Holding a higher bar in intimate relationships
2:55 How sensual energy upswings everything in your life — from work and beyond: “I’m laser-focused. I’m on!”
4:!0 Don’t do your Kegels!
4:42 “A full-body, ripping through your whole nervous system, toe-curling, euphoric experience. It’s out of body!”
6:37 On working with Kim Anami: “I love her!”