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Elizabeth LundYoga & Pilates teacher, Mind-Body Wellness Practitioner, San Francisco–Bay Area, California

Vaginal orgasms and deeper intimacy and with my husband. 

I dealt with some abuse in my youth and twenties and went through healing processes, but this course was the missing piece for me as I found even deeper healing that I didn’t expect through the lessons, homeplay, and reflections.

I am so grateful for it all. 

I feel much more connected to my sexuality and to my body in general—organs, cells, how I’m fueling my body, how energy is flowing in my body.

Being someone who could only orgasm with clitoral stimulation most of my life, I thought that was pretty normal. I just turned 44, and I’m amazed and feel quite liberated after breathing my way to orgasm.

I joined VKF mainly to learn how to strengthen my pelvic floor beyond what I knew through Pilates and yoga. I’m SO glad this course was so much more than simply how to lift weight with a jade egg!

I really appreciate Kim’s candor, expertise, wisdom, and encouragement.

Thank you so much Kim Anami! (My husband thanks you too ;). Much love to you and your team.