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Erin and CarlFeldenkrais Practitioner and Embodied Life Teachers, Salt Lake City

We're having better, more gourmet sex and 20 times more often than before the class.

There has been an overall libido shift in our relationship.

When I was a nursing mom I couldn’t imagine ever wanting to have sex again.

My libido lagged big time postpartum. While our son is now 5, we sort of got out of the habit. We’re having more and better sex than ever. I just signed my husband up for the man class as a birthday gift and he’s never been happier with a birthday present in our 15 years together.

We work and teach together, have our son, and share so many passions about what inspires, enlivens, and turns us on in life. This course has helped my husband to hold more clearly the masculine pole in our relationship. Our sex life has been more dynamic and he has lasted much longer in bed.

We’ve learned how to be potent, ever-learning lovers.