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Greta BogettiL.M.T. Specializing in Abdominal Massage, South Lake Tahoe

My vagina feels softer, sweeter, and juicier!

We spend more time making love and very seldom argue. We are stronger and closer together than ever. We have a one and a half year old in bed with us and we still manage to have sex every day we are together.

Going through the salon opened me up like a flower very slowly and gently coming to bloom.

I am a bodyworker who specializes in women’s health and abdominal massage. Many of my clients are working towards fertility enhancement and I find Kim’s work incredibly beneficial to them for so many reasons.

I also see women struggling with prolapse and incontinence, I’m telling them if nothing else they need to take Kim’s VKF or Yoni Egg Salonette. I feel that it’s an absolute must for them to work with her.

I have so much more I can rave about. Especially in regards to maintaining a healthy relationship while remodelling our house. Seriously, my husband and I can’t relate to any of the jokes about ‘staying together through a remodel’.

That flower gently coming to bloom, is never ending. It only gets juicer and sweeter and more pleasurable.

There are no words to describe this level of satisfaction.

I already have recommended Kim… many times!