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HelenaSales Executive, Nevada

We're both much more open about our sex life and even had sex twice this weekend.

Wow…was I stuck!! I didn’t even realize it until going through the first few salons. 

Prior to the salons we had sex maybe once every couple of weeks and I really didn’t enjoy it that much. I was completely dissociated and just going through the motions. Now that has all changed. Sex twice in one weekend? That hasn’t happened in years!!

I totally get how sexual energy translates to every other area of your life. It’s like you have this secret power! I’m starting a new job in a month and cannot wait to go shopping for new suits and……dresses! What? I have a high-powered job and like most women in that area have very strong masculine tendencies. I’m really excited to dress differently than I have in the past (for work) and to use my female energy in the workplace. 

Since having more sex and more open communication with my husband, I tend to no longer sweat the small stuff. It’s very freeing.

The salon is life-altering!