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Jason US

I am lasting longer in bed.

Building sexual stamina and prowess has translated into a confidence with myself in my body, my spirit, my relationship and even my business.

My confidence has soared in all areas of my life.

Without the worry of coming too quickly, I’m able to focus on the mood the depth and the play of the moment.  

I am more relaxed, open, and more deeply connected to my partner. She is now a much happier woman who delights in trying to make me come and finds the ‘war’ in my holding off to be deeply satisfying, fun, and opening.

It’s silly to say, but a man who can’t control his coming isn’t in control of his life on any level. I’m not perfect, by any fucking means, but it translates into POWER in life. I can do things I didn’t think I could do.

I highly recommend Kim’s work. The SMM salon is well-thought out, creative and detailed.