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Jennifer Canada

I feel more control of my vaginal muscles when making love and my man responds whenever I squeeze him.

I am more aware of my vagina as a center of energy with messages to tune into.

I feel more articulate and more sensation deeper in my vagina. I am more aware of my vagina. I feel its presence and pleasurable pulsations as I go through my day. I have felt stronger in my body and more connected to my core from doing the exercises Kim provides and love them.

My sexuality has really expanded. Before, my interest in sex would go way down after I had an orgasm and it felt like more of an effort to continue. Now with the breathing I have learned in this course, I can breathe my way into an expanded, cresting, never-ending (or until my lover comes;) sensation. I can sustain my turn on and experience expanded, Tantric-style orgasm.

I feel more strength and appreciation of the inherent feminine qualities of my being by exploring the fertility cycle, care and knowledge of my breasts, and the jade egg exercises. 

The course has inspired me to embrace my feminine cycles rather than viewing them as inconvenient. It feels like it tunes me more into my nature and being in rhythm with my body.

I love the in-depth, holistic nature of the salon. It encompasses so much as far as sexuality, body rhythms, meditation, breast health, core strength and more. 

The content and Kim’s passion fosters deep appreciation of femininity and the unique gifts and opportunities our bodies and cycles have to offer. I really liked that we had the opportunity to connect with Kim and our other course mates on the weekly calls. I enjoy the live conversations and hearing everyone’s voices.

I would definitely recommend Kim’s work. Kim’s knowledge is clearly deep and embodied. Kim she is passionate, knowledgeable and also playful in her delivery which makes her a pleasure to listen to and watch. It is also obvious that Kim lives what she teaches and this makes the teaching more powerful and inspiring.

Deep, expansive, juicy!