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Liz WaltonTherapist

I’m having more sex and my libido is increasing.

I have come from a background of sexual abuse. I am now connecting with my vagina—talking to it and hearing it! Most awesome!

I am a therapist myself, specializing in deep emotional issues. It’s been just brilliant to find a woman teaching sex from a perspective of spirituality and healing, using the jade egg. I am so grateful.

I work with fertility and unexplained fertility on a deep emotional level. I have referred numerous clients to Kim’s work and website, as sexuality issues are often underlying and can be blocking the process.

Kim looks at sexuality and healing on a spiritual level, using practical tools to help you move forward no matter what the block or issue. She has no-nonsense approach and is a breath of fresh air when looking as sexual stigma.

It’s great fun to unleash your true essence of sexuality as a woman!