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Marina ScholtzChef, Portland

My sex life has drastically improved since starting this salon.

When the passion and vivacity started to wane in my relationship, I thought that was just part of the deal.

I was naturally a sexually-vivacious woman up until several years ago, having been with my first long-term partner, when the passion and vivacity started to wane and I just thought that was part of the deal. I’m still with this man, but our relationship is very different now, after he took the SMM salon and I took WFW. 

Opening myself to my sexuality again through self-pleasuring and massage, body-connection, and deep lovemaking with my partner has allowed me more intimacy with myself and those in my life. We went from sex once a week at the most, to now having intimate forays multiple times weekly, and usually one longer sex date. My zest for sex is back and I find myself adoringly loving his cock daily, oftentimes needing to kiss his cock in greeting, or just as a reminder of my adoration for the places he takes me. 

Taking the WFW salon is opening my eyes to the ways in which my mentality of settling for less than I want and deserve is draining every area of my life, and me personally. I left a job I’d been unhappy in for about a year during this salon, stepped more fully into a position at another where I am happier and more creative. 

I have started asking myself the big questions again, such as where do I want to head in the near future and what skills do I want to acquire. My relationship with my partner is more loving and supporting than ever, and our communication is at an all time high. 

I recommend Kim’s work to everyone. I’ve told my mother and coworkers about her, and readily share many of her posts on Facebook. I would describe her as the person to see when someone has a goal in mind for changing their relationship to themselves or their world, and doesn’t see a way to take steps toward achieving that goal.

Eye, vagina, and heart-opening.