Praise, love and breakthroughs

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My vagina is more responsive and sensitive. I have more confidence in my body. 

My husband told me—more than once—since I started with the yoni egg practices that he “feels” me more and loves it.

I started the course because I had prolapse (minor but my uterus hurt a lot and had painful intercourse) and I don’t have  that any more! My muscles are a lot stronger. I noticed the difference in week 3 or 4.

I no longer have painful sex and my periods are not painful anymore!! I’ve been dealing with painful menstruation since I was 13 (I’m now 31).

Also facial acne has improved since started the practices, my skin is cleaner.

Big career changes! I’m a realtor, but am in the process of self studying different modalities and possibly life coaching.

Great and juicy changes!