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MichelleDatabase Administrator, Upstate New York

I am finally having easier periods! PMS is much shorter and more bearable.

My partner and I had been having sex a few times a year, at best. We are now being intimate in some way every single day!

Kim has given me so much to be grateful for.

I have a much lighter flow. I attribute this to reduced tension in my vagina and cervix. We started doing vag & cervical massage early in the course – I had NO IDEA how much tension I stored there. It was PAINFUL to have the lightest touch deep inside. Now I can take (and enjoy) really powerful thrusting of my partner or a dildo.

Enlightened to see the value and power of surrender and feminine energy in all realms, from the bedroom to the boardroom. My relationship with my (male) boss has gotten a lot easier.

Orgasms! More! Deeper! And wetter!

Confidence to believe and trust in the healing power of sex.
And to be me. No more apologies.

Money! My husband’s business finally took off after three years. (It’s slowed down now – being on the anal!)

Validation of my inherent, quintessentially human sexual nature. It has come full circle. I found you, Kim, on my quest to be a fully realized human. It wasn’t until I heard you that I realized that sex was the missing part. I had everything else pretty much dialed in. I knew there was a problem with my sex life, but it had not idea how to define it, let alone fix it.

Kim is a godsend. She will lead you, step by step, into not only a more active sex life, but a deeper relationship with your partner. Kim gave us the tools to be conscious of the present moment, and really present with each other.