Praise, love and breakthroughs

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NaomiDietician, Australia

G-Spot orgasms and incredible waterworks!

I now self-pleasure daily. 

I have been able to explore deeper in myself.

I have a deeper connection with my partner, greater engagement in our sex life and life exploration together, less stress, and am relaxed with the direction/flow of life. 

I am more honest and assertive in my dealings with people. I am committed to working on my emotional honesty and surrender with my partner which has definitely created stagnation in a once frivolous sex life. 

I want every woman on this earth to take this course… actually imagine how different the world would be? It is so refreshing to hear how frank Kim is and for someone to talk about sexuality the way she does—direct, no excuses, passionate, funny and I love when she swears, haha.

I am recommending Kim to everyone and it’s so wonderful to open up about the work I have been doing with my friends as I discover how many people are seeking this depth and freedom in their relationships. Doing the salon has been so eye opening to my years of conditioning and baggage regarding my relationship with myself, my partner, all other men. 

I love the holistic approach and how Kim incorporates everything from the very physical/biochemical, the emotional, the energetic, technique… The salon really has it all. 

Fucking awesome. Essential for every woman.