Praise, love and breakthroughs

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NataliaMarketing and Communications Manager, Columbia

Financial abundance, luck—it's all coming to me!

I manifested a partner that can very well be the love of my life. We could not be better matched sexually!!!!

Our first weekend together we spent having sex for 48 hours straight in a hotel only leaving to get food and stretch our legs. I had never been so open (both physically and emotionally) or felt so confident in my body. And it showed!

He couldn’t stop admiring my body and my confidence, was very vocal about it and the sex was amazing. In every position, every surface, wet, dry, oily, you name it. I was always wet and into it. I applied Kim’s sexual techniques and he loved it! He could not believe what happening.

The biggest success factor was the emotional work. I still have some blocks to work on when it comes to sex with someone else to fully enjoy myself and surrender but I am 100% on the right track!

I have always been sexual and sensual but was somehow ashamed of it thinking it was somehow dirty. I have reconnected with my body. Using Kim’s suggestions for self-pleasuring instead of only racing to orgasm was a game-changer.

Life is just happening FOR me and the universe is getting out of my way for me to achieve, do and be. Perspective have shifted and is sort of an upwards spirals and I am just along for the ride! It’s like my aura is going one step ahead of me just blazing trails.