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NicMexico City

My partner is amazed at the difference that your salon has made already.

He describes that he can feel two separate rings in my vagina gripping his penis during intercourse and when I orgasm, my whole vagina flutters and vibrates.

There is a quote from Anais Nin ‘My hair is being pulled by the stars again’, I literally dribble and tremble, while orgasm after orgasm rents my body. It is a transcendence with epiphanies like starbursts illuminating my mind with stunning moments of clarity.

I am 46 years old and I am going through menopause, I have been very concerned at the effects of menopause on my sexuality. Every article that I read tells of vaginal atrophy, loss of libido etc., and I have been anxious that this may occur.

Doing Kim’s course it has given me hope that I will continue to enjoy this very important part of my life.