Praise, love and breakthroughs

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Truly life-changing and fucking awesome.

I am learning to LOVE MYSELF.

I was asked to join a Master’s Critique Group by an instructor, and this will help me develop a body of work (painting/collage/assemblage) to present to galleries. I have come up with a business plan to start doing family photography to generate income while I am working to get my art into galleries.

My periods have gotten much better, I used to be in immense amounts of pain for 3-4 days… now I can take about 1 day to really focus on myself and relax and honor the bleed, but I can still be there for my family on the other days.

I am really using my voice within my marriage and able to communicate with my husband what my needs and wants are, and know that my feelings are valid.

I have also lost 8 lbs!