Praise, love and breakthroughs

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RobinStudent, Portland, OR

The last lover I was with told me I gave him the best sex of his life...the best head of his life and the best hand job of his life.

He said: “Words… you fucked the words right out of my brain.” I felt pretty damn good about it.
Him: “You look real… you feel real… but this can’t be real life…. no one has this good of sex for hours and hours day after day…. you’re exhausting!”

Me: “You’re welcome..? Do you ever try and complain to your buddies at at fire station about your problems?” Ha!

I then said: “You know…. you don’t have to perform EVERY single time I come up here…. its okay if your not in the mood or want a break…. I do have a pretttty high appetite.” He shook his head in disbelief and threw his hands in the air.

I’ma go ahead and take that as a win…. I’ll be adding that to my trophy room 🙂


I listened to my body… And I came alive!

I’m starting to figure out who I truly am without whatever everyone else says I “should” be. Most importantly I’ve learned NOT TO GIVE A FUCK!

I’m a 31-year-old, recently widowed, mom to a two-year-old. I’m also a cancer survivor as of February 2018, and with Kim teaching us about ourselves and how to love our bodies, cycles and sexual energy, have found my self.

I am profoundly different than most people I know. I am resilient as fuck and I honestly think it’s because of how much time I spent going inside myself and walking out my sexuality during such a dark time in my life.

I am now proud and feminine, embracing my true self and exploring new ideas about what my new truths are.

Career Change

I’ve left my career as a hairdresser and am going back to school for either a degree in Psychology or counseling to teach people about grief and how I over came it. I overcame it through Kim’s class. Pouring into myself and becoming so alive!

Weight Loss and Body Love

This was me and my son last May 2017…. more or less where I was when I first found Kim online….. this was the beginning of my journey.

These are me today in my sexiest dress! I bought my first size 6 with a pair of Spanx knowing I’d need them to smooth my lines and to fit the dress the way i wanted to. Wellll it’s been five more months and I’ve lost another 17 lbs since I bought the dress and I no longer need that slip!

That’s all me baby!