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Sandra LamyArtist, Canada

Since the beginning of VKF, I have given myself 3 G-Spot orgasms and I squirted twice! My vagina feels stronger than ever.

I loved the breast massage techniques. When I started, I could feel my heart opening and my best friend told me this week that she thinks my breasts have gotten bigger!

I also love how the salon has helped me connect with my divine feminity. I went to a Tantric yoga school in 2010 and so I have been aware of the Shiva-Shakti/Brahmacharya discourse for some time.

However, this was the first time that I have received very specific techniques to increase and contain my sexual energy. This course was a reminder of the feminine power of attracting things in your life. To hear Kim explain it consistently over an 8-week period has helped drill it in. I am much more confident than I ever was about asking the universe, trusting and waiting for the good things to come to me.

In fact, when I started VKF, I was inspired to do a Kama Sutra series to attract enlightened sex into my life and somehow, a new world opened up to me artistically.

I am a self-taught artist who learned by recreating other artists’ work to learn the proper technique. This way of learning was helpful in the beginning but it inevitably kept me from truly creating from my gut. None of it was actually me. I was stuck.

When I started working on the Kama Sutra series, it was the first time that I was creating coherent pieces from the heart. I always knew that sexual energy and creativity were inextricably linked, but now I had tangible proof. The more I circulated my sexual energy, the more I grew connected to my art and my artistic voice. Since then, I have kept up my practice and built a portfolio that helped me get into one of the best art schools in Canada. I continue to grow as an artist every day and I have never felt more anchored in my destiny. And VKF was the catalyst to it all.

Thanks, Kim!