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Sarah FaithOnline Business Owner, Wealth Strategist, Author, Speaker. Bali, Indonesia

My vagina is WOKE AF!

Where do I even start?! From G-Spot Ecstasy to Vaginal Kung Fu to the Well F**ked Woman Salon… my life has been altered forever.

Sarah took Kim Anami’s Well F**ked Woman and Vaginal Kung Fu Salons as a single person. In this video review she shares:

0:00 Magnetizing people, opportunities and money through her sexual energy.
2:03 Not giving a f**k what others think of her.
2:58 Bliss, growth and happiness as a single and how it’s the best time to do this work.
3:25 Being able to read men and set boundaries much easier now.
3:55 Kim is the OG sex and relationships guide!

I used to be shy and insecure and could only have superficial orgasms… I’m now able to have every kind of orgasm and I’ve finally stepped into the woman I was always meant to be. Powerful. Beautiful. Rich. Healthy. Vibrant. And full of LOVE.

I travel a lot for my online businesses and so being able to take this Orgasmic Energy with me wherever I go has elevated my life in the most beautiful way.

My vagina is woke AF!! And everything is flowing more easily and freely… including money! I went from being broke to helping people from all over the world make more money!!

Everything she says is true… when you show the EFFF up in bed… you show the EFFF up in life.

I’m so grateful to Kim. My only regret is that I didn’t start this work sooner! If you’re thinking of working with Kim Anami… just do it already and you can thank us later!