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StephMedia Advisor, Brisbane, Australia

I no longer get crippling menstrual cramps, which have plagued me since I was 13.

Since starting WFW the whole area around my vagina, abdomen and thighs is more relaxed, open and alive than it has been for a long time.

I’ve had X-rays and ultrasounds and checked for endometriosis, everything. The doctors never found anything so I was left just popping standard painkillers and possibly taking a day off work each month. Then, a couple of years I began to get sudden & severe cramps – just like period pain – anytime a cock hit my cervix. Oh my God, it freaked me out, broke my heart, and generally sucked big time. The experience dried me up and left me tentative about penetration.

The WFW Salon gave me great insight into how and why that might be happening, and it reassured me that I’m not the only one that experiences difficulties, and that it needn’t be permanent.

I set to work on uncovering the mental blocks and frustrations stored in my body and vagina, and I took great care to massage and soothe myself. I talked through the relevant stuff with my lover, and he really jumped on board showing my vagina – particularly my cervix – a whole lotta love and affection. We enjoyed a variety of sex and slowly & gently got back into having strong cervix-banging sex (which has freaked me out for ages.) I’ve felt a lot of pent up energy release, and my body soften.  It’s a massive relief that has bought my partner and I closer together (through sex and talking about blocks) — It’s made me wet and welcoming of sex again.